Of Being An Introvert

becoming the muse

Its World Introvert Day

world introvert day

Shout out to all my fellow introverts who are perfectly comfortable to sit in silence without feeling the need fill it up with awkward conversation and meaningless noise.

Introverts are a somewhat misunderstood sort, in a world that wont stop talking and all you want is a perfect moment of silence.

I feel lost in a crowd and I get asked the question “why are you quiet?” a lot, its not because I have nothing to say; I am always on the verge of words, yet never quite speaking; almost say things much more often than I say them.

why dont we all sit in a big circle hold hands and sing kumbaya?

~me attempting to socialise in the awkward silence at family reunions

Shout out to the Quarter Wife for sharing The Introverts Holiday Survival Guide

I write to know am not alone….

I want to be a mystery
yet be known,
to be in a crowd,
yet alone,
yet unknown,
To be a wanderer,
yet have a home…….

My personality type is INFP that basically means I’m like an onion, deeply metaphoric, made up of enigmatic layers beneath layers wrapped up in more layers & if I cut myself I cry

INFP means:


This all adds up to create an individual (such as myself lol) who is creative and highly empathetic; listening to many people but actually talking to a tiny elite circle who really know the crazyness that lurks beneath the surface..

i got your back clip art

Here are my favourite authors who are also INFP:

William Shakespeare, J.R.R Tolkien And George Orwell

I am not a huge fan in labels and confining yourself, I am a firm believer in that to define is to limit; but knowing what sort of individual you may be makes you better able to play your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

What is your personality type, do you know? You could try the free version here


wizard within beaton
The world in my head is unlike what you can possibly imagine


    1. Hi Weird !!!
      Lol I think people need alone time regardless of their orientation, some more than others, sometimes I like to be alone but in a room full of people lol


  1. When I saw this pop up in my reader I thought “Oh no! I missed it” Thankfully there is still time to celebrate the day. I’m an INTJ I took the Meyers Briggs Personality test a number of years ago and it was slightly different than my most recent results which were taken after I lost my eyesight. So, of course, I had to analyze the two but it makes sense to me that losing the ability to see would cause this slight change.

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    1. Hi Steph I didn’t know it was a thing until just a bit earlier when someone tagged me on twitter….
      My Meyers Briggs test has been a consistent INFP from the first time I took the test a couple of years back.
      Considering it’s based on how you perceive the world it’s not surprising for the results to change with time and circumstances

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      1. I didn’t know it either until I saw your post. Meyers Briggs is so interesting. The last time I took it at work we did it as a group at work and it was fascinating how our personalities affect the way we work and think.


    1. I know that struggle and the only conversation you have would probably end up just a question and answer segment them asking most of the questions 😂😆


  2. “Shout out to all my fellow introverts who are perfectly comfortable to sit in silence without feeling the need fill it up with awkward conversation and meaningless noise..” Did we just become best friends??? LOL

    ISFJ-T here. Introverted, Observant, Feeling, Judging, Turbulent

    Introverts Unite! (Separately in our own homes..)

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  3. “I feel lost in a crowd… its not because I have nothing to say; I am always on the verge of words, yet never quite speaking… ”
    That is so me right there. I enjoy people’s company very much but as a listener.

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  4. Hey B! I honestly never imagined you as an introvert, but I guess our online selves and our ‘real’ selves can be quite different.

    Also, I love the quote from J.R.R. Tolkien that you included in this post: the one from Bilbo’s poem about Strider/Aragorn. For some reason I’ve always been able to relate to that quote.

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    1. you not the first person to mention this, someone even termed me a social butterfly even, I was like me?, I am hardly the soul of any party, but my friends seem to think so, I suspect the locks hair has something to do with it again, one of my other reasons for keeping it, you see people I assume I am a rastafaraian and when I am silent they assume I am doing my meditation tingz hahaha I might as well be, as I will be busy watching them to see how real people interact so I can add life to the characters I write.

      All the words I write are mostly my unspoken thoughts ,conversations with the voices in my head……

      All the best writers are a little crazy just like the fine line between genius and well the same I guess hahahaha

      I love that quote……… The old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.

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      1. I guess it’s impossible to tell how extroverted or introverted people are based on writing alone, as the written/typed word can make even the shyest person sound like a social butterfly.

        Haha, I have noticed that all the best writers are a little crazy!

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  5. Great post. I am an Introvert too. And yes, we are misunderstood in this world full of noise

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  6. If you are an introvert, then probably I am too
    You scream a lot in your writing I’d never imagined

    I am an ambivert so my introvert side is in sync with the post 😄

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