Of Snus

A Swedish alternative method of getting your nicotine fix: Snus — pronounced “snoose” like “loose”


Snus is a moist smokeless tobacco product which originated from the Swedish version of dry snuff. Dry Snuff is a form of nasal tobacco which is usually sniffed via the nose.

In Zimbabwe, snuff is known as bute in Shona and is used in rituals by traditional healers and spirit mediums, its said to help communicate with the spiritual realm. In the Shona culture its used in tribute to ancestors, seeking blessing and in the warding off and summoning of spirits.

Recently, snuff has been suggested as an alternative home remedy for clearing blocked airways after the sneezing which results from sniffing it. With the COVID pandemic at hand this has been seen by some people as worth looking into to alleviate COVID symptoms although currently, no medical proof exists to support this remedey.

The English word “snuff” translates to snus in Swedish although it is different to the Swedish snus.

Swedish Snus

Types Of Snus: Loose Snus and Portion Snus
Portion Snus and Loose Snus FDA

Snus is available as either a moist powder form loose snus or packaged into small pouches (portion form). The snus is placed between the upper lip and the gum where the mucous membranes located there will absorb the nicotine diffusing out. Unlike the American dipping tobacco one does not need to spit out the residue.

Snus usage has been common in Sweden since the 18th century with the oldest brand of snus still sold being registered in 1822 and to date more people use snus than cigarettes in Sweden.

Why Snus?

How to snus SnusBrands

Some regard snus as a less harmful alternative to smoking and other forms of tobacco. The majority of snus users are ex-smokers.

Studies show that snus users are less likely to develop lung cancer than smokers. According to data published by the World Health Organisation in 2018, Sweden had the lowest rate of tobacco-related mortality and the lowest incidence of male lung cancer.

Health risks associated with snus are considerably lower than those associated with cigarette smoking.

Note: This does not mean snus is not without risk. Snus usage comes with health concerns, the most immediate being nicotine addiction, as snus delivers a more bioavailable dose of nicotine than from other tobacco products. Snus usage has also been linked with cancer and oral health problems.

Manufactures of snus are required by law to state that it is addictive and affects health negatively on the packaging.

Sample warning on Snus Brand:
This tobacco product can damge your health and is addictive
Sample Warning Label On Snus Can

Sale of snus has been illegal in the European Union since 1992, with only Sweden and Norway being currently exempt from this ban, although one can find an alternative in nicotine pouches.

For more information about snus visit this website: SnusBrands.info

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