Of Bottled Memories A Journey through Addiction and Early Recovery

Bottled Memories

Bottled Memories

Bottled Memories is a collection of poetry by David Ritter chronicling the journey of an alcoholic from addiction to early recovery.

While the poems are stand-alone pieces, written and collected over the years drawing from the author’s experiences, both shared and personal, all together they form a tapestry of an alcoholic’s journey from addictiction through to recovery and salvation..

There’s the one more drink that leads to another, there’s the promises boozers make, the lonesome Christmases, the love lost and the plans cut short by Mr Booze, and then there’s the finding your way back, twelve steps small steps for man and the joy of recovery….

Bottled Memories is funny, tragic, quirky and inspiration delivered in rhyme.

It’s a very quick read, 42 pages of just over 30 short poems which took me under an hour to read, but the message lingers long after. If you or someone you know is battling addiction this could be the signal that you are not alone.

About The Author

David Ritter was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He earned an Associate in Arts Degree from Mott Community College in 2011. He has four children, three grandchildren, and one grand-dog.

David Ritter - Bottled Memories

He is a Christian and a recovering alcoholic. Many of his writings reflect those topics, both the good and the bad. He also likes writing about family and current events. He enjoys shooting pool and watching all sports, especially high school basketball.

Author’s Website: RittersRhymeAndReason.org



  1. Its a silver lining for someone to know they are not alone in a given situation and that others have gone through the same. I applaud people you speak out and encourage others.


  2. I just did my first presentation on healing memories. Suffered from alcoholism myself because of the repressed memories from growing up in an alcoholic family. Sharing my story in my memoir that I recently published made all the difference. It was tough facing the past hurts but once I went through the healing process life is all better. Great and very important topic for anyone.

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