Of Something Worth Writing About

2020 has been a weird year I was looking back trying to think of a highlight experience to write for my Best Of The Year Series

…. One interesting writing philosophy I low key follow is that you must do something worth writing about. One’s writing derives a great deal from what one experiences whether literally or vicariously like psychologists say you don’t magically conjure up the face of a stranger in a dream, its your brain processing from faces you have seen.

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Anyway 2020 with its lockdowns hasn’t given much in the way of opportunities to experience the kind of things that would be traditionally deemed as worth writing about… but then sometimes its all about perspective

Perspective is Everything. – Gordon Caldwell

I might not have travelled more than 7km from my gate in the past 8 months but the internet has been like a portal into worlds beyond, its always been that way, but more so this year when the world stood still.

I have had virtual coffee with virtual friends, attended live concerts and theatre productions from home, I have conducted virtual interviews, tutored blogging classes via the internet, even helped nationals from other countries improve their conversational skills in English, have had virtual meet-ups with members of my book club.

… Although still haven’t gotten round to executing virtual blogger meet ups, just so can put faces and voices to the unmet friends from the internet… but it will happen.

Virtual meetings are not without their drama, like when someone asks you to turn on your camera and you aren’t presentable so you have to pretend the network is unstable, can you hear me ha! Or just switching off your camera because you are tired of looking at yourself, or so that no one sees you aren’t paying attention, no?

How about a power cut in the middle of a presentation, now that’s real drama, but not as bad as sharing the wrong screen or a not suitable for public notification popping up while you are sharing your screen… At least its not as scandalous as those who have live-streamed their sex thinking their cameras are off during a Video Conference.

zoom zoom

Again I got to fall in love with the geometry of the internet, everyone equidistantly a click away.

When the year begun I had a dream that I might tour Africa (even the world ha) visit people and places, have a cup of coffee and right about it… and then lockdown happened, yeah can you see through my nice little convenient way to phrase it when I probably wouldn’t have done this because I cant afford it?

One can dream, if you cant do the things worth writing about, then have dreams worth writing about.

Whats been your highlight experience this year?




  1. My highlight experience has been mostly learning how to function while stuck at home, and I’ve realised that there are so many more things I could do at home than I had thought. Thanks for this post!

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  2. Beaton, Thank you for giving me an idea! I will write a full post probably in a week or two. I took a lot of trainings for work this year, on teaching Gifted learners and helping students that have emotional needs. Most importantly, I finally admitted to my anxiety disorder and started therapy. I’m talking about my life honestly. I’m establishing boundaries with work with a boss who is sometimes a little demanding. Importantly, I am talking more, which means I am getting to know people and I am being an AUTHENTIC person. Which in turn will make me a better teacher, and when I can improve my focus again, perhaps, a better writer. Blogging has been sporadic lately for me, just as writing and reading have. I’ve been pouring myself into teaching. I think my students need that right now. We all need human connection. I appreciate getting to know you and your life electronically, as if reaching out across the globe for just a few minutes. Thank you for this topic! I won’t dwell on how my travel desires are on hold, and how I am really tired of trying to keep focused during ZOOM meetings.

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  3. It hasn’t been a bad year for me as we stay home a lot anyway, however, I miss getting out and around and seeing friends. With that said this was shared by another blogger and reflects my sentiments, as well.
    “I’m going to stay up on New Year’s Eve this year. Not to see the New Year in, but to make sure this one leaves.” Take care and stay safe.


  4. I have had sooooooo many experiences this year and all attributed to too much time on my hands and other consequences of the lock down. Things like installing locs on my own, falling in love with plants, having “feelings” for different people at the same time (don’t judge me) and most excitingly, riding a bike to and fro work. Of these, the last experience happened to give me a unique narrative I found worth sharing – first in a journal article (being a researcher) but later advised to go down the blog lane.

    And for the many experiences I have lived while riding my bike in Kampala, I can say it is very elating for me to share a post on my blog about my PERSPECTIVE of CYCLYING with my FEMALE-CYCLIST NARRATIVE


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