Of Appreciating The Years

Recently I got the notification that my blog had passed the seven years anniversary. Cant believe another year has passed, the years seem to rush by faster and faster, as if rushing towards the end. This blog has been around for 7 years, if this were a university degree you would be calling me doctor…

becoming the muse 7 years anniversay
WordPress is such a hypeman ♥

Thank you to everyone who has graced these tangle of words…

Everything that I want you to know about me, can be found somewhere within these words. If I had a dollar for everyone who has told me that I have a blog post for everything, I would be a baller, laughing all the way to the bank. Someone told me I write a lot, maybe I have a lot to say, that’s why.

I have never told anyone about how I actually started this blog, although I have written on how I started on my journey Of Being A Blogger and I have written somewhat on how I came up with the title Becoming The Muse, newsflash I just make it up as I go.

Becoming The Muse

I create words, each letter is part of a picture, together a story is told, together with each story I share I Become The Muse, and these are my words…

I created this blog while sitting in the park, as I waited for the time for the hospital visiting hours so I could go and see my sister, who was in the hospital, mostly to pass the time but also because words and I have always belonged. Almost a year earlier, I had sat in the same spot with my sister as we waited for hospital visiting hours so we could go and visit my mother. While my mum had recovered, my sister did not.

beaton in the park
her shoes photobombed this image

Part of why I started this blog is that I wanted to be immortal I wanted my thoughts and ideas living on not only in people’s memories, which are so fickle. I can’t remember my sister’s favourite artist though I remember her ringtone, because I had the same one too, ha!

Our culture used to be rich in oral tradition but with each progressive generation, as the older ones pass away taking their knowledge with them, we are forgetting the stories and our roots, so I write everything I remember and learn about who I am, so that even when I am no longer there to pass on the stories my grandfather told me, they will be still here, and that is why I write.

Celebrating the magic and mystery of my ancestry.

One of my first posts is a tale of how we ended up with fire as a totem, yes my totem is fire. Fire burns as do I Mlilo, Chauke Xinyori Xahumba

… and this is where I burn.

wall mounted Becoming the muse

Thank you to all those who in the course of the years have stopped by to peek into my thoughts and might have even caught a glimpse of my very soul, some of you have become familiar and from some of you I have learnt how we are alike and yet unlike and have more in common than the differences that separate us.

Special shoutout to the following for their constant interactions when I don’t see you in my notifications for long periods of time I usually check if everything is fine.

top comments Becoming the Muse
from my analytics dashboard

Sam Goldie Kirk of the Dailyflabbergast whose blog is an oasis of calm in a world that wont stop whirling about. “To stop a whirlwind… One day at a time.

Conniedia of BehindClosedScreens who writes on Lifestyle, Health and Purpose, creating a safe space to bloom and be your best version.

Shuvai who does not blog but has read almost every post on this blog and should get an award or something ^_^ I am making a plan

MsDedeng of TheDedengBlog who loves to walk and writes on life and her home in Uganda while living in America.

Moreblessing of MoreblessingBethel previously known as Anomaly but has evolved and no longer uses a pen name.

Winnie Malinga whose JustSaying blog is an affirmation that there is more to us than mere existence.

….And Berina who I haven’t seen on the blogging sphere but I now know is brewing something because I went off searching to find out why the silence, so keep an eye out for Berina Ogega. Also hello to the HorseWhsiperer your name is always there in my notifications.

As soon as the outside is allowed I will mail all of you personalised postcards so please hit me up with a postal address.

I could name so many others but I would need a separate blog roll post, let me try this WordPress feature I have dying to try… a hidden block which appears to only some people

becoming the muse giveaway

And lastly because people like things I know I do… I am running a very small small giveaway, one lucky reader will get their mobile phone topped up with $3 credit and five from Zimbabwe will get a small airtime boost.

All you have to do:

Share your favourite of my posts on social media, tag me (I am everywhere find me) also include why you like it and some random thing you learnt from my blog ha… The judges (meaning me) will use their discretion to select the entry they feel best embodies brand Becoming The Muse… winner announced at the end of the week.

Last year when I ran this giveaway Miss Kay who now blogs at misskayblogs.wordpress.com won, this time it could be you.

sometimes you can see visions through his writing




  1. Halala!

    Just went off and googled the “meaning” of the number 7 — yeaa I’m like that 😂 — and it’s associated with completeness, inner wisdom chii chii which legit resonates with how I feel about your blog. You’re essential Uncle B!

    Your acknowledgment has helped me grow in my blogging journey.

    As for that shout out😊😊😊 that’s why you’re Uncle of the bloggers.

    Here’s to more years of BREATHING !

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I just went and googled just to make sure.., not that I don’t trust you haha but I like to verify things so when I start saying you can tell by my beard I have inner wisdom I can keep a straight face 😂

      You are welcome
      Thank you

      PS funny story you will never guess what my mum’s name is 😂😂

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Hint? My maternal grandma wanted to name her daughter (my mum) Ropafadzo and the family wanted her to name the child Tawanda apparently it caused quite a bit of hectic bickering… Anyway my grandpa in his educated wisdom found a clever solution to use both names but translate them to English 😂😂😂 thereby averting the crisis

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Interesting!! Beautiful names suggested too …

        What did grandpa do🧐🧐

        Blessings? Or Moreblessing 🤭
        As for Tawanda what could have been a good translation — was it direct translation?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Seven years! It’s hard to imagine how time flies by so fast. I’m so sorry about your sister I’m sure she would be very proud of you, Beaton. You’ve done good and keep doing good. Happy blogging anniversary. Marje

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Time is such a paradox when it doesn’t seem to move at all that’s when it’s going the swiftest like this year for instance its been both long and short and unmoving all at the same time 😂😂😂
      Thank you Marje


  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! I Love WordPress and it’s recognitions. 7 years, and 7 years of experience, helpfulness, kindness, knowledge, soulfulness, enlightenment and laughter! 😄

    Thank you for the shout-out!! I’m thinking I should change my blog name to The Horse Whisperer, you have me musing a lot about that. You are so kind and I love your words and for the same reason you blog, I blog. ❤️❤️❤️

    I’ll tell you a little secret, I had no idea anyone would ever care about what I share or write. I had no idea I’d meet people from all over this world, I’m still amazed! 😮 I was very afraid to click publish for the first time, and my blog has morphed and changed some what, but I had no idea what I was doing and I LOVE it. 🤣 But more important to me are the connections I’ve made. I want to always stay true to myself, why my blog name seems to encompass all I write about, much like your blog name suits you so well! I LOVE Becoming the Muse, the graphics are amazing! every letter we put down has meaning in some way. 😍 And the journey continues! 🤠🐴

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you.

      Its been a journey, these day I may seem like I know where I am going on these virtual streets but when I started I don’t think I even knew what it was I was trying to do…

      Blogging is definitely a process with each press of the publish button and each interaction it’s almost like you evolve.

      To The Journey

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, what a pleasant surprise!
    I’m so flattered.

    It’s funny because you’ve been on my mind today. I thought I have not read anything from you in a couple of days and last time we spoke, things were … not getting better. Glad to hear things are somewhat alright.

    The golden B with your logo looks AWESOME! I can totally see it in the lobby of a tall glass building, housing the blogging headquarters of the future.

    I will have to check out a few new blogs. Thank you for the recommendations!

    I’m jumping all over the place but that’s what happens when I don’t compose my comment as I read the post.

    The photobombed photo is hilarious. I’m glad you’re able to smile thinking of her.

    My family didn’t really engage much in talking about past experiences. Everyone kind of worked for a better future, trying to leave the past behind. And I understand that, but that left me longing for stories of the past. Like you, I write things and others can read it here without me having to tell them. Memory is a fickle thing indeed.

    So kind of you to offer a giveaway and a postcard. Are you sure you want to send one all the way to the US?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome ^_^

      Ever since our minister of energy was relieved of his duties it seems like electricity outage is creeping back in nothing official has been announced and for now it’s only a couple of hours in a day not but it’s enough to throw one off their writing routine especially when you are no longer expecting power cuts the government said there would be no power problems till the end of the year, but yeah they also said a lot of things too.

      Hahaha precisely and an office at the top of the world 😍

      The post kinda spins one around but you are spot on how one can write things and not have to tell them…


      PS. As for the postcards its fairly manageable to do although it won’t be the express service so might take a couple of months to swim its way across the ocean lol😂

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Thanks for you mentioning me on your list , I feel so honoured and appreciated. I don’t write all I do is read, its you who makes the magic. You give me things to thing about, other blogs to read, book and movie reviews, whats happening in your world and most importantly coffee ☕(a virtual essential oasis )

    I get an email notification everytime you post just to make sure I don’t miss anything.
    If you had a fan club……… I would manage it cause I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!😍🏆

    Keep writing you reach some people in different parts of the world. I am so sorry about your sister, I am sure if she was here she would be one of your biggest supporter .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ☝️You bring out the writer in me, that’s the longest I have ever written on your blog. I just might start my own blog😀

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Congratulations UncleB🤗🤗
    Ever since I’ve had an encounter with your blog, i have since been hooked. Like one can just dine and enjoy all the coffee talks

    Thanks for your continuous words of encouragements and inspiring content..
    Cheers to more blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations on your 7 years! Quite an achievement. I think that the reason you write is the very best reason of all. I often wish my parents, who have both been gone for many years, had taken to writing stories about their childhood or how they met. Your are leaving a wonderful gift for those who follow after. (Also I love your logo. Did you design it?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy.

      Also it is great therapy and has opened a world of opportunity and connections.
      My brother designed the logo (but I conceptualised it😂)

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I am too too late to this awesome party but nonetheless, I can’t leave without saying my piece (or is it peace? 🙂 )

    Firstly, a big congratulations to you Beaton for becoming the muse with each magical word you write! Ever since I discovered your blog, and read many of your posts, I have always been blown away by something. The simplicity, the depth, the honesty, the satire and humor, the thought, the creativity (your images, artwork is always top-notch), the knowledge and wisdom oozing from each post is worth every read.

    I am so glad you stepped onto these streets. And thank you for not being selfish with your experiences and skill. You are always giving back to African writers so generously. Even just listening and reading our stories as we try to find ourselves is humbling for someone of your achievement. So thank you and keep serving the world this gift of yours. I am always inspired to do better and be better as a blogger, writer or storyteller.

    Finally, I just want to say, I am truly honored to be mentioned by the muse. I really didn’t see that coming. Also I am really sorry I have been MIA on these streets. Life has been happening but I really wish it would happen more without me going MIA from my blogging. Hopefully, I will get myself together knowing that my blogging is not just for me.

    Gosh! I could just turn that comment into a blog post ! See what you do….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You made peace with piece 😂😂
      Thank you for this and I am always happy to be of muse. I noticed you have been MIA I know life does that, wishing you all the best.


  9. I see my name here….
    Thank you B.

    I am sorry for your loss and glad to know that something special grew out of it. I know you are stronger now.

    You are one of my favourite bloggers and one of the reasons I go on. Thank you for your encouragement too. Trying to produce good stuff can take a lot of time and energy. I am still pushing on though and I hope it will be worth it.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You are one of the best.

    Thank you once again. I smile. Glad to know that someone out there waits for my project.

    Liked by 1 person

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