Of March And Gomora

Guest Review by Melody

Ever watched a soapie that left you sitting on the edge and shouting « I want more » just like Oliver Twist?

 This is exactly how I felt when I watched the series premier  « Gomora » on Mzansi Magic yesterday. This new series is produced by Seriti films who gave us a beautiful well written production « The Herd» not so long ago.

Gomora ivili liya jika

Gomora is a story about inequality. It’s about the rich and the poor and how fine the line between the two can be. It follows the lives of two familes and how their worlds collide.

**Spoiler alert

 The premier showcases a tale of two families with two different realities yet interconnnected with death. The episode begins with the Ndaba family at their breakfast table in a poshy mansion. It’s clear they are filthy rich and even have a helper they call Madam, who is on their beck and call during their breakfast. The lady of the house, Thathi Ndaba (Katlego Danke) exudes opulence and glam as she shares her anniversary plans with her husband Mbongeni. They are going to spend the night in Four Seasons (now that’s being rich right?)

Their two teenagers however have a plan to host a get together once their parents leave for their celebrations. In a far distant setting, we meet the Dlamini family who are also having their breakfast, one can clearly see that they are living within their means as one of their teenagers complains about the  lack of polony at the breakfast table. As the episode progresses we learn that  Mondli Dlamini is a headmaster at a local school and he advocates for excellence at his school whilst Mbongeni (Thathi’s husband) owns a bank  but all is not what it seems.

 We also get to meet Thathi’s friends who seem to worship the ground she steps on as they listen to her travels stories. However she does not know that life is about to change as her husband is told about his dark secret – swindling money. He is given a condition either jail or they cut him a deal if he cooperates. 

As the day goes by and both families make their way back home, the drama unfolds. In the Ndaba household all is set for Thathi and Mbongeni  celebration getaway whilst Ntokozo  Dlamini pretends to be calling it an early night so he goes to see his crush Mazet (we learnt about this crush as he was being ferried to school in the morning after the breakfast with family).

 All seems well as Thathi and Mbongeni departs for Four Seasons and the party begins, until we realise that the meeting between MaZet and Ntokozo is actually about a hijacking. They have a specific car they need to deliver and it happens to be that of Mbongeni.

Mbongeni who is slightly distracted shares with his wife that their lavish lifestyle is about to end but he does not manage to finish his sentence as they get hijacked.

Mbongeni hijacked in Gomora

 Ntokozo shoots at Mbongeni and life as Thathi knows changes. The episode ends as Jomo (he must be a runner or part of a gang) delivers the hijacked  bloodied  car to Mam’Sonto(Connie Chiume). Mam’Sonto  checks out the car and as she gets in to the car she receives a phone call, her son in law has died, shot during a hijacking

 The twist is that the hijacked car belongs to her son-in-law and this makes one wonder why she ordered for that specific car .

What a twist right!

 What I loved about the series is that it has a gripping interesting storyline, it also has familiar faces, relatable depiction of two realities (the rich versus the poor) and a shocking twist so far.

 What I didnt like about the series was the killing of my fave character (Themba Ndaba)  in the very first episode  but i know it was for a worthy cause!

Would I recommend you to watch it ?

Definitely, if you have not watched it do jump on the wagon on Channel 161 on DSTV at 7.30 pm MONDAY -FRIDAY and it repeats on the same channel at 10.30.

P.S i am not yet sure if it will be available on Showmax but they said they will share once they know .

Please do share your thoughts, did you enjoy it too?

About The Author

Melody Chingwaru soapie review Gomora

Melody is a book lover, avid reader and soapie fanatic. She tutors French and Portuguese.

Gomora Images credit of Mzansi Magic



  1. I was thrilled by the premiere, got me hooked already! What a way to start off a telenovela. Phathutshedzo Makwarela is definitely taking up space in the industry. I cannot wait for the second episode.

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