Of Coffee And Maputi

Coffee and Maputi

If you were having coffee with me, I would, as usual be glad to have you join me; unless of course its the first hopefully of many visits. Please, feel at home, the water has boiled, do help yourself. May I offer you some maputi; it’s a popped corn snack kind of like popcorn but made from popped maize.

popped maize flavored with chill

This used to a favourite staple snack at boarding school, on account of it being rather reasonably priced. When the munchies grabbed you, you just munched on this, you could also enjoy with tea or juice and *boom* you good. Its like popcorn although a bit tough to chew or shall say “somewhat crunchy.” Back at school we used to nickname it goat food as we laughed at how one chewed and chewed toughening up the jaw muscles.

goat chewing

Its 2019 and we are having coffee with what young me would have laughed and called “stock feed” and that’s because the current price for a 35gram packet of maputi is how much a loaf of bread cost this time last year and the current largest note denomination value the $5 ZWL RTGS Bond what you call it cannot buy a loaf of bread.

Image result for $5 bond note

If you were having coffee with me, I would say, coffee and maputi it is… To be fair this particular brand is delightfully quite spicy, with a dash of chilli flavor and surprisingly softened too; its almost as fluffy as eating popcorn.

Kete Chilli Pops
savour every flavour of this delightfully delicious snack. Zimbabwe's favourite snack

Rediscovering a whole new side to the favourite Zimbabwean snack. Eating that maputi like groceries.

eating that maputi like groceries

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that even riot police officers during a hard day’s work of dispersing protestors, will pause for a maputi break, back turned to the tear gas hazy backdrop.

Riot police officer eating maputi
Riot police officer eating maputi

This image by Shepherd Tozvireva was from last wave of protests in August that had been planned by the main opposition which later got banned. One needs to file an application with the police before proceeding with a public mass action and the approval is not guaranteed. Another application for a demonstration by the opposition party that was set for the 24th of October to protest the raising cost of living  has not been approved

If you were having coffee with me, I wold tell you that of course not all gatherings are banned, on the 25th of October will be an AntiSanctions Solidarity March. According to the government the challenges that the country is facing are rooted in the illegal sanctions afflicting the country. Sanctions have become the scapegoat for everything, on the news, on the TV, on the radio, state media in general; sanctions are what are hurting the country, sanctions are the face of the problems, sanctions have conveniently become the government’s HuChasi …(click to previous post for definition )

If you were having coffee with me I would be wondering if the sanctions on the country were removed would the country become miraculously better, would the police stop their heavy handed response to protest?

Over the weekend an individual died in police custody after its alleged tortured alongside 10 other vendors arrested over the twisted helmetgate involving police helmets that turned out to have been auctioned out by the police in the first place.


If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that this piece of land is no stranger to sanction during Ian Smith’s UDI government in 1963 the country was under sanctions but that’s when it industrialised the most forced to rely on itself but this time around the sanctions seem to be crippling the country even though the countries imposing sanctions on us claim that the sanctions are targeted and should not be affecting the whole country and the ordinary citizen.

With the sanctions removed maybe we can accept the harsh truth that we are failing ourselves; is it sanctions that I am here having coffee and maputi instead of bread, reading and rereading every word I write because I heard that they cut your hair in prison and I much prefer having my hair attached to my head and my head to my neck thank you very much….

dread wema blogs

Whats going in your part of the world ?




  1. Hi B, please do try not to get arrested, nothing about it seems pleasant. I don’t doubt that the sanctions are hurting Zimbabwe, despite what the imposing countries (including the U. S.) say. Sanctions are designed to keep other countries down to control them, and that’s what they do. Of course, the sanctions aren’t the entire problem, I’m sure there are domestic factors at play too.

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    1. hahahaha nope, prison does not sound like a place one ought to go to; I have heard chiling reports, if patients in state hospitals are ending up being treated for malnutrition, jail cant possibly be good.

      Yep the sanctions are definitely playing a part but they have also become a convenient rug to sweep all accountability under … in the mean time its been decreed that the 25th of October shall be a public holiday and so everyone is encouraged to go and show solidarity against the sanctions.

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  2. Maputi is an acquired taste. I remember the bitterness quite vividly haha.
    I do think the sanctions are hurting your country greatly, nonetheless, the leadership also leaves much to be desired.
    In Zambia, a few months ago, our First Lady including a handsome delegation flew to the US to receive a ‘gift’ comprised of ‘state of the art’ fire trucks. They were finally delivered and you won’t believe what they look like. It’s embarrassing.

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    1. hahahaha yep the taste is somewhat acquired and they are kinda filling too so thats a plus!!!
      Yes sanctions are real and so is corruption and misguided priorities, like when all the senior government officials drive fancy luxury trucks and yet hospitals have no ambulances… cry my beloved country
      I just googled up the scandalous firetrucks hahaha and then we had the ministry of transport spend a lot of money to buy what were supposed to road repair bulldozers and instead brought back snow ploughs, am sure someone was like just buy these no one will know (but of course those things are designed to shovel light snow not heavy duty work) and of course us the public never quite get to hear how much was actually used, lost or spend in such shenanigans.
      Without transparency and accountability its easy to breed corruption…


    1. …. and coupled with the cash crisis situation, you end up with a very curious case indeed, its said that the central bank doesnt want to issue out higher denomination notes because they are trying not to fuel inflation (but to the casual observer it seems that bird has flown) oh and rumours that they want to introduce a new currency and hopefully fresh start…
      One day this will be in interesting case study

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      1. I half suspect we playing Monopoly in this mickey mouse economy ….One day we shall laugh about some of these monteray policies; hopefully

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