Of technology: Blessing Or Curse

I have watched enough Dystopian post-apocalyptic movies to be able to predict that technology will lead to the death of the human race….

Dystopian post-apocalyptic future

I LOVE TECH and I understand how the quality of our lives improves with innovations brought by the advancement of technology. Right now you are there, where you are and I am here, maybe we have never met before and yet here we are; you there reading this sentence on my blog, me over here waiting to hear your thoughts.

Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse?

The void between us, the internet fills it

That’s the power of tech, creating unforeseen innovation, can you imagine how dark the times would have been had that guy who was crazy enough to fly a kite during a lightning storm had not not done it, we would still be in the dark ages playing with fire and etching out blog post on cave walls.

In a previous post I wrote about apps I cannot live without, that’s what technology does redefines the world that making it almost impossible to imagine how life would be without the tech around us.

As technology progresses are we as humans progressing to or are we regressing? The more we outsource of our existence, to technology the less individualistic we become as tech tends to automate things leading our minds to atrophy the way unused muscles do.

machines becoming lifelike while we become machine life

Here is a simple test; off top of your head how many phone numbers do you know? There was a time I used to know a lot of numbers before I owned a mobile phone and now I know far less than I would care to admit.

People are facing unemployment as tech takes over, one machine doing the work many many many men used to do, with efficiency no mistakes and no need to be paid ( for now) We are creating smarter and smarter tech, smarter than us even, machines with AI programs capable of writing fiction novels can you imagine that? Rise of the robot authors, soon we wont even need writers.

The Robots Are Coming, and They Want Your Job

The problem with technology is that it has no morals and yet here we are out-sourcing our conscience to tech and of course not forgetting that one guy somewhere whenever a new innovation is released their first thought is

Right, how do I turn this into a weapon or use it as a tactical advantage in warfare

Turning advantages into weapons

You show them a drone and they want to put guns on it, you show them how to make intelligent prosthetic limbs and they want to make super soldiers. Show them how you want to implant a “smart” microchip in everyone that’s like the last computer or smart phone one will ever need and they will find out if you can use it to mind control people or to spy on them and how thoroughly they can invade people’s privacy, “for their safety of course

Have I freaked you out? Good…Technology is a blessing but the thing with technology is that the research and development is expensive and the people who pay for those budgets do not do it out of the kindness of their hearts, they have motives, which is why some innovations never see the light of day while others are pushed through with an almost fiendish speed.

 Someone shooting cars into space and I am still waiting for a car that uses water as fuel, drones strikes shooting at people and I haven’t seen a drone that finds sources of clean water and drills boreholes, there’s cures for malicious computer viruses and no cures for epidemics wiping out populations.

Until there’s transparency in technology advancement, and we know who or what determines it, the direction is doomed to progress to something inevitable, maybe the machines will rise or we will all just destroy each other, seas will rise as darkness descends, the horsemen will ride and hello apocalypse….




  1. 🙂 I would have to say, that the person or people who develop certain types of technology need to be responsible people.

    As far as I am concerned, technology can set us free or enslave us.

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    1. You make a valid point Renard…
      Tech is really like flipping a coin one side is salvation and the other well you dont want the other side and now we wait to see where it lands ….. but wait who flipped the coin????

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    1. Well tech has brought a lot of good things we tend to forget its capacity to go the other way, and just like someone you love you turn a blind eye to the faults
      Thanks for dropping by

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  2. Someone had to figure which animal bone should be used to make a great club. Someone later had to figure out what metals were good for farming or swords. Chemists gave us both soap and TNT. The scientists who gave us slide rules also gave us the means of going both the the moon and going to war without getting too close to our enemies. Technology is unique to human kind as is the chance to decide to act out of love or pure evil. No technology ever created itself and thus is either good or evil only in the hands of a person. We own technology and the responsibility of how it is used. Sadly, not all of us are up to the challenge.

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