Of The Apps That Live In My Phone

Sometimes I ask myself, did he know? Alexander Graham Bell, when he invented the telephone, how it would evolve into a leash that seems we cannot live without?
I used to think that there were apps I could not live without but that was before I met my current phone. At first glance it looks like a nice phone, but looks are so deceiving, it claims to have an 8gb internal storage when it actually has just over 100mb of storage.

Phone Zombies

What does this mean? It means after using it for a tiny bit, you start getting bombarded with messages of how you have run out of space and need to free space by deleting apps.

Internal storage is running out

I deleted practically everything single thing on that phone and risked nearly bricking the phone on account of deleting key parts of the Operating System and I have come up with a list of the bare minimum the phone and I cannot do without

1) The keyboard app Touchpal is very important without it one basically can’t write or type or input any numbers, this keyboard has a lovely swipe to text feature and comes with autocorrect word prediction and emojis

2) The Dialler is important without it, one cannot make calls or access the USSD menu and its also integrated with the call log so you wont have call logs either

Dialler keypad

3) The text messaging service is important since sending and receiving texts as about basically all you can do with the phone it has no space for the popular instant messaging apps like Telegram and Whatsapp
4) UC mini mobile browser app a tiny compact app through which I can view the internet, including checking my emails, blog and social media. It also saves on data compared to other browsers and apps

UC Mini

5) The flashlight app because hello Electricity Load-shedding will have you discovering furniture in the dark with your shins, knees and toes maybe your nose will find the wall.
I definitely needs another phone because this is some real drama
PS Do not buy a phone a phone that seems too good to be true for a brand new phone, especially if they tell you they do not do refunds or accept returns and there’s no guarantees



  1. I’m really sorry you’re having so many problems with this new phone. Sucks that you can’t get your money back. At the same time, you certainly came up with an almost zen approach to the iPhone. Because I am thinking OK I can live without this, and I don’t need this. Simplification ftw. 😊

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      1. You’re one of the brave few then. Did you ever see the comparison pic between phones now and newspapers in the 40’s? Same bent-necked focus. I’ll see if I can find it and link it. I hope you’re having a great day. Happy FriYAY! ♥.

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      2. Sure. I have an IMGUR account. https://m.imgur.com I uploaded the photo to that account, choose direct link, and then just pasted the link into your comment box and it popped up as a photo. I didn’t do anything fancy. Hope that helps. 😎💕.

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  2. The only blog without a Bible app. Not by choice I assume? After reading other blogs I started asking my RSA friends if they also have Bible apps, the answer was split 50/50. I guess if they were living in Zim the answer might have been different.

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      1. Definitely counts. Now I can say 100% of the blogs participating in the ABC that I have read have a Bible app. It’s unbelievable or amazing considering my siblings who preach do not have it. I definitely come from a different world (under a rock).

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  3. In fact, Alexander Graham Bell did invent a primitive form of cell phones called “photo phone”. However, the invention could not gain any practical significance due to its technological limitations.

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  4. I’m back from the future to hear more about this phone. Too good to be true is an understatement that’s not a phone at all.

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