Of Coffee With The Class

Of Coffee With The Class

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you its day 9 of my blog everyday challenge and you can sit through a class of adolescents I am addressing on the blogging and the internet. You can have a sit way at the back while I introduce you

That, Class is a friend of mine from the internet though we have never met unless we have, we haven’t at least not yet right?

The whole class stands up to say “Good Day” in unison

I had forgotten they do that, they still have such good manners and I suppose some headmaster or teacher told them to greet their elders and remember their manners or they would be sorry.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I would scribble my name on the board and tell the class they can call me Uncle B…

 I would ask them to stop playing with their phones and pay attention and if anyone could answer the first question

What is the internet?

No one wants to volunteer an answer but we use the internet almost everyday.

Hands up anyone who has ever taken two plastic cups or empty yoghurt containers and joined them up with a length of string then used those to make a telephone and talked to a friend a distance away?

string phone

Excellent you played this game now imagine that the are many such cups connected by even longer pieces of string and spreading over long distances to the other side of the world, now imagine that those plastic cups are not plastic cups but laptops and smartphones and the pieces of strings are invisible signals and what you now have is an interconnected network of computers and that is the internet.

You can do all sorts of things ONLINE which means on the internet, such as send emails, get music, search for information, hang out on social media sites, research and even upload and publish your own content.

From Geography you know how the world is globe and people live in different countries on different continents some close others thousands and thousands of distance apart. The best thing about the internet is that it does not matter where someone is at the click of a button information arrives instantly, as if you side by side.

If you were having coffee with this is when I would introduce blogging as one of the things you can do on the internet.

Blogging is when you have a platform on the internet that you update regularly. Its easy to think of it as a digital diary because that is how blogging started as WebLogs until it changed to blogs we have now.

What would you blog about? You can blog about the things you like to do, for example if you like soccer you can write about it and connect with other people who love football, if there is something you want to achieve you can start writing about and how you are going to achieve it and maybe someone may even help you to achieve and of course I know the are some who like to write stories and poetry you can publish those and get feedback from people all over the world who knows maybe you can end up being an author.

The things you can put on a blog are endless you can even post, pictures music or videos just like there are different types of bloggers. You can either learn something or you could be teaching someone by simply sharing about the things close to you, the things you have experienced.

If you were having coffee with I would also talk briefly about being safe on the internet such as never giving out important personal information and being careful not overshare some things and most importantly being careful when meeting strangers on the internet, in real life the are some weird and dangerous people.

If you were having coffee I would ask if you my blogging friend in the back could tell me what you thought of this class and if you had anything to add or ask.




  1. I would add that one should never be afraid of receiving negative feedback. Sometimes constructive criticisms help us grow. It’s not ok to be cruel though, that should never be tolerated!

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    1. True feedback helps us to grow!!!
      The are some cruel people out there but fortunately most of the blogging community seem genuinely helpful, I would guess internet trolls cant be bothered to actually read blogs hahaha!

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      1. You’d be surprised! Trolls are trolls looking for anyone to hate on. Can you imagine spending all that time just to spread hate? Sheesh! I always focus on the positive people 🙂

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  2. I would add that it’s so important to be yourself! Don’t get caught up in numbers just focus on creating content that you enjoy and rest will eventually follow

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  3. I enjoyed the cup of coffee with you Uncle B. Such a great description of blogging and I’m glad you touched upon so many topics. From all the diversity to being safe. I hope there aren’t mean people blogging, I think constructive criticism is fine like cafeavectwali mentions. But no one needs to be cruel! 😀 I’ve only been blogging for a couple years, it’s so fascinating, wonderous and enlightening! ❤️ -Diana

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    1. The are some trolls on the internet who are usually out to being mean for no reason (and to get likes) but thankfully they to mostly be on social media sites the blogging community seems to be mostly full of genuinely helpful people

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  4. I would add:
    “Much of the fun of blogging has to be earned by working to create and post things that are worth reading. People only have so much time and earning a share of it can really make you focus on the value of what you post. Review some of the posts of your instructor and you will find few wasted words or photos of cats or meals. When there is so much of value in your mind, don’t waste your words but give us your best thoughts, insights, knowledge, wisdom, jokes and prayers from deep inside you.”

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