Of Coffee With A Paradox

If you were having coffee with me I would be happy that you stopped by, and would greet you warmly, please do stay awhile and lets catch up. Do you notice anything different?

My birth month is finally over but seeing as had I been born exactly a week later, my birthday would have been on the 29th of February, I always wonder, when do you celebrate your birthday if you are born on the 29th on the 28th of February or the 1st of March or do you just wait for the leap year…….

 leap year birthday

If you were having coffe with me I would tell you its been slow week and yet a lot has happened and not happened at the same time.

Its been a week since the since the RBZ unveiled new monetary policy and for now the parallel market rate for the US dollar has gone down from its crazy rates. Its still too early to tell how the economy on will react in the long run, they might have good intentions but lack of confidence in the system will definitely be a huge problem.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you a somewhat confusing quote from the RBZ governor during the monetary policy launch

People should not get confused. In the bank, the RTGS balances have the same value with the USD but when one wants forex at the bank, then it changes and its value is determined by the rate prevailing at that particular bank…
Your $1 000 in the bank is still $1 000. However, when you want to get the USD$, the rate and value will be determined by the market

I will wait while you read that again and ask you if you understand what that means, it reminds me of a Quantum Physics paradox; Schrödinger’s cat. It’s a cat that’s in a sealed box but its both dead and alive at the same time, however if you open up the box to see, you will find it most likely dead or maybe alive but never both.

A parody RTGS note featuring resurrected guy

Speaking of being dead or alive a South African based pastor made the news and went viral on the interwebs when he performed a resurrection miracle during last Sunday’s service.

 The miracle has since been subject to a lot of scrutiny, raised a lot of speculation and even gave raise to a resurrection challenge. The pastor is now saying he never resurrected anyone from the dead as the man was already moving when he was brought to him…

Another pastor also tried to ride on this publicity by praying at the front of pastor Alph’s church demanding an audience and wanting to open a fraud case against the “resurrection pastor.

pastor praying

Whats interesting to note is not his BMW vehicle with the open doors, its that at one point he announced he had been to heaven and took selfies with the big man upstairs… and on that bombshell thats we leave that paradox.

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you if you watched Spiderman into the spiderverse? I think I have rewatched it twice in the past two days cause I thought it was that awesome and I have had the soundtrack on repeat all day long. That movie totally deserves the Oscar they got for best animation picture, and of course I had to write a review

The twins gave it a thumbs up too


PS one of them now wants to be a superhero, maybe we will get him a cape



  1. I don’t know, he had to talk to someone big to get that car! Or, perhaps, he ripped off a lot of people by saying he talked to the Big Guy. I won’t chose 😉 I hope your economy stabilizes.

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    1. I care and I loved my old layout, but apparently its a retired theme and the were functions I could not use but needed for the growth of my site.
      In the meantime its evolving the current form is not the final form the winds of change are blowing lol
      Thanks for dropping by

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  2. Okay – I think they postponed establishing the value of your accounts until you actually make a withdrawal to slow down any runs on the bank. I bet it get chaotic regardless. I also like the resurrected guy dollar bill – that’s hysterical. Perhaps not as funny as the idea of selfies with God, but I try not to mock another man’s faith, unless he gets too ridiculous, then I fully yield to temptation. Let us know how that radio show goes. It sounds like fun.


    1. Chaotic barely begins to describe it, one day we shall look back on these days and write textbooks about this hahahaha

      The resurrected guy dollar bill is hilarious especially looking at our currency which looks like it pretty much needs a miracle of resurrectory proportions.

      I too have a healthy respect for people’s beliefs but when it enters the realm of the ridiculous, oh and no-one else saw these selfies because hahahaha you an the rest of us…. its (un)fortunate that the pastor’s phone got stolen ever so (in)conveniently before he got round to sharing the pics with anyone else, when he had taken his car to the car wash.
      Maybe on his next visit he will remember to cloud save or something



  3. Happy belated birthday! My older daughter was due on 2/29 but she was born a week early. I agree with celebrating the day before and after! And then a really big celebration every 4 years on leap day.


    1. Thank you Amie
      wait so you daughter is 22nd feb baby? We are the best kind of February babies if I do say so myself ha!


    1. hahahaha you and the rest of us…. its (un)fortunate that the pastor’s phone got stolen ever so (in)conveniently before he got round to sharing the pics with anyone else, when he had taken his car to the car wash.

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  4. A lot seems to happen in your neck of the woods. I loved the previous layout, I have yet to adjust to this one.

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