Of Coffee, Toasts and Legacies

If you were having coffee with, I would greet you with a celebratory toast;

read, write, repeat, #Morelife

celebratory toast

Its my birthday weekend and I am in love with whom I am Becoming


If you were having a toasty sort of beverage in coffee mugs with me, I would ask you if you knew why people clink glasses when they make a toast ,according to some legend, its also part of the reason why church bells toll before prayers or the service begins and its not just to announce the times nor that bells are a joyous sound….

Church bells ringing

The ringing sound of bells tolling or even the sound of clinking glasses; according to some lore is believed to drive away evil energies, spirits, demons leaving only benevolence, good vibes and positive energies…..

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that had I not been born in the wee hours of the morning, my birthday wouldnow be a public holiday in honour of our former president’s birthday, National Youth Day, or as its officially gazetted, Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day. Its ironic that National Youth Day was named after our just turned 95 former president though there was nothing young about him, after being in power for close to 40 years nor that the holiday was commemorated for the first time officialy, last year after his resignation from power after the coup that was not a coup….

Former President Robert Mugabe

The story of our former President is the typical story of how if you stay at the helm long enough, you will live to see yourself become the villain; and if he ended up the villain in that story, then current president has big shoes to fill because some people are already saying the former President was the better devil, at least the iron fist he ruled was velvet coated….

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how the Reserve bank Governor unveiled a new monetary policy which basically confirms what we have always known all along that the government Nicodemusly stole our money when they introduced the surrogate bond currency to trade at 1:1 one with the USD and their unflinching stance on this resolution that saw the parallel market rate spiral out of control.

Forex dealers
money bought and sold in the streets

So what has the RBZ done now? I am not even sure but something about letting the market determine what the new rate must be and its initially pegged at 1:2.5 against the greenback, it seems a tad low to me, considering that the black market rate is at 1:4 but the RBZ governor says that parallel market rate is overly inflated carrying a risk premuim as dealers could face upto 10 years jail time and they seem to think soon that the forex traders should seek alternative employment as people start trading in the formal sector

Forex dealers Zimbabwe after monetary policy

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the monetary policy seems a nod in the right direction but it will ultimately be more trouble than its worth because no one trusts the government and inherently political problems can never be solved economically, despite all the talks of dialogue

You can dialogue over our chicken

For all intents and purposes looks and sounds like we have a new currency called RTGS Dollars even though the governor insists he has not created a new currency…..

If you were having coffee with me we would talk about if counties even understand democracy and the electoral process, Nigeria went to the polls yesterday and now waiting for the results after they postponed elections that had initailly been slotted for last week, I am not sure about the reason but if you ask me, I would tell you that generally in Africa you must never make plans for the whole of the elections month as there’s always bound to be unexpected “drama” to say the least, not to mention contested results and possibly internet shutdowns too…..

Thanks for the visit, how has your week been, what kind of legacy do you think you are leaving……




    1. The economy is a circus and the politics is ungovernable….
      As for the holiday, well Mugabe had already finalised the necessary bill to gazette the holiday before he was ousted from power and since they did not want to make it seem like a coup they let the holiday stand……
      As for liking him lets just say with each passing day; it seems like his particular brand of villainy wasnt quite as blatant as the current regime and some people now reminisce on the good old days in retrospect…..Also as for people hating Mugabe I would say its mostly that he is on the wrong side of history, if he had left power two decades ago, he might have easily been remembered as one of Africa’s greatest statesman but currently people are only focused on the last decade of his rule which overshadows all the other stuff….. also its a curious failing revolutionary governments tend to have, holding the country hostage for the revolution they brought until another revolution removes them and they too by another revolution, and elections mostly rubber stamps……

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  1. Happy birthday! It’s sad to hear that things have not improved but no surprise when we hear about the false promises of politicians from all continents in this world at the moment. Stay strong and let’s hope the new ‘fake’ money will hold some value.


    1. Thank you Mello-Ello♥♥
      Politicians talk a whole lot and make up all sorts of promises.
      Here’s hoping the new mickey mouse currency they drafted at least will hold up for a wee bit in the circus ride that is our free falling economy lol might as well throw jokes at it, focussing on it too much is bound to give one an anxiety attack
      Thanks for dropping by, have an awesome week

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  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was a fantastic one. It’s ab great feeling when you love what you’re becoming, I am happy for you. Cheers to the most fabulous year so far!


    1. Thank you for the wishes ♥♥♥
      When I first saw the Mugabe picture I almost did not recognize him, he has definitely aged a lot in the past year,… and looks like he stopped dyeing his hair and shaved off his funny Hitleresque mustache

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  3. Hey Beaton,

    Happy Birthday my friend.
    I share your distrust of the government trying to fix the economy as you described. The market will always act without regard to what politicians tell us to do. Their policies and laws are more important but those must be much less corrupt to work than they often are.

    Here in the US, I’d have to say that I worry that our legacy will be that of having killed the golden goose. Our congress is arguably more destructive than useful. leaving us less proud to be a US citizen almost daily.

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    1. Hi Gary
      Yep I wake wondering on things like the legacy we are leaving the future the way some people behave you would think the world ends with them and nothing that mattes comes after, scary thought


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