Of Coffee in a time of Cholera

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Of Coffee Outbreaks

If you were having coffee with me I would greet you by bumping your fist instead of shaking your hand. “Big Up” I will say and its not a rasta thing even though I will shake my locks and do a little dance.

fist bump
Big Up


We have a cholera outbreak you see, there’s some hand sanitizer by the door for your convenience.

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you that, when the label on the sanitizer says kills 99.9% of bacteria what do they mean and shouldn’t we walk around being worried about the 0.1% This hardcore die hard germ that is hard to kill like the main actor in an action movie of old but instead of being the good guy it’s the One  bacteria rule us all, one bacteria to find us, One bacteria to bring them all and in the darkness bind us all…….

hand sanitizer

Now that you have finished disinfecting your hands, try not to worry about the One Bacteria that would survive mordor If you were having coffee with me I would offer you some French toast, its basically toast that went to a French I made it myself its surprisingly easy to make I actually wonder why I don’t have it more often.

bakers inn bread

Too bad the leading supplier of bread, Innscor Africa Bread Company, Bakers Inn has increased their price for the standard loaf by 10% to $1.10. Trying not to be alarmist about it but is this another symptom of our ailing country alongside the shortages of fuel and other things?

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that we have a cholera outbreak which has been declared a state of emergency by the government. A lot of finger pointing is going on, as the responsible authorities toss the blame around each other, as if it’s a hot potato which no one wants to hold.  A cholera outbreak is a symptom of bigger issues; from lack of access to clean municipal water, to a broken sewer system contaminating wells and boreholes. People have been complaining that the government spent a lot of money doing “other things” and now require crowdfunding to help deal with the cholera outbreak showing their gross mismanagement.



cholera outbreak

Harare City council blames vendors invading the city center to sell their wares at undesignated areas and have started a campaign to clean out vendors from the streets of Harare CBD. But in a country with 90% unemployment this is the only way some people can make a living and simply forcing them off the street is going to be an ugly mess after the city council had seemingly let them overrun the city streets, again another symptom of bigger problems with country.

harare vendors

vendors harare cbd


council raid  harare cbdclearing vendors harare cbd

police raid vendors

If you were  having coffee with me I would tell you that the conductor in the public taxi I used today dramatically put on a pair of surgical gloves before handling the taxi fare people were handing him. He made a joke about how you never knew where the money you got came from and he did not want to catch cholera. People were even reluctant to pass the fares of the other passengers as they normally do; those at the back pass to those in front, till it gets to the the conductor. This time he had to stretch out and reach, people individually, I tell you, you cannot make this up.

How has your week been? Whats good whats really really good?


Day 13 of my blog every day challenge Africa: Stories From Home

Photo credit: bakers Inn bread: OfZimba 16 interesting facts about bakers inn

Photo Credit Brezhmalaba

  Zppinfo visetinfo



  1. Sorry to hear of this awful outbreak. Cholera is such a devastating disease. My daughter studied about it for her nursing career, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. Please be safe, and definitely use hand sanitizers, and gloves if possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi thank you
      Its a terrible terrible outbreak and already 30 lives have been lost with 3000 cases of infections reported.
      Staying safe and triple boiling all the water even the water straight from the taps just to be sure

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Beaton.
    I always love seeing your visits to the coffee share. There will always be something of interest from your corner of the world. This time, I am saddened for the outbreak. It is so unfortunate that decent leaders are so hard to find, often leaving the un-politically connected to suffer for their mistakes. So, I would welcome visiting with you and would smile as I rubbed the sanitizer in real good. I wish I had the wisdom that would resolve the problem, but I’ll bet years of poor leaders have managed to dig this hole pretty deep. Take care my friend. The world is a better place with you in it – so stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gary
      Thank you for the visit … much appreciated. Our politicians seem to forget they are here to serve but anyhoo poor governance aside its quite the warm place, Harare is called the Sunshine City though it could do with some clean up.

      Thanks again and have an awesome week


    1. Hello Trent
      Thanks for dropping by just when you think nothing worse can happen something else shows up and here you are re-evaluating your priorities… never ask if anything worse could happen cause it will Ha!
      Also the outbreak seems to be reaching alarming levels because they have stopped giving the official number of cases reported I suppose to storm people being alarmed


    1. Its not a pretty, but hey things always look more alarming than they really are though in this case it might get a lil bit worse before getting better.


    1. Thank you Nigel, that means a lot and to be honest, I really dont like watching the news I figure if there’s something important I need to know it will reach me hahahahaha


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