Of Coffee, Rogue Elements and Blood Moons

If you were having coffee with me, well we woudnt be having coffee we would be trying out some freshly blended mango juice….

Good thing there’s mango trees in the backyard otherwise I would be unable to offer you much else, have a mango and wash it down with juice

 It’s been a traumatic week, strange how only last Sunday was calm but deceptively more like the calm before a storm; as the country burned the next day, following protests that turned violent and an even deadlier response by security forces that has left a bloody tally of death, destruction and ruthless victmisation.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about the internet shutdown that resulted from a directive from the government to Internet Service providers ostensibly as security measure to stop protestors who were co-ordinating via social media and the internet but under whose cover, a violent crackdown of suspected protest instigators was carried out.

The way the internet was shutdown you would think they did  not realise it’s is a whole eco-system and switching it off not only disrupts the digital economy but denies people access to affordable communication and stifles freedom of expression or maybe they do and it scares them, to quote Game of thrones

“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

Tyrion Lannister; Game Of Thrones

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the way the internet has been switched on and off in the past week is reminiscent of a toddler discovering the power button on the remote control and keeps pressing it, you would they found a new toy.

This shutting down of the internet seems to be the new trend, as governments figure out that if you cant control it, shut it down.

“It is not even the second month of the new year and we have had significant internet shutdowns in four African countries,”

Berhan Taye, who leads the #KeepItOn campaign for global digital rights group Access Now.

I used to think my government would never do that but nope I was wrong, as Zimbabwe joined the list with the DRC, Gabon and Sudan. They read from the same Book Of Tricks it seems from contested elections to violent crackdown of opposition its not unique to one country.

At least for now the internet has been restored after a second black but partially (again) with limitations to social media sites who knows for how long?

Telone advises restoration of internet after shutdown
internet restoration after shut down

I can predict its going to be tough for internet dependent enterprises when parliament finalises the Cyber Security Bill to minimize threat that is the internet; who knows maybe they will even throw in stringent licensing and registrations requirements like they tried to do for bloggers in Tanzania and all sorts taxes along the lines of Uganda’s social media tax…

Oh no! Maybe I am giving them ideas right now!!…….

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that during a joint press conference of the police and army a statement was issued that basically blamed what happened in the past week as being perpetrated by army deserters, and wait for it rouge elements who stole army uniforms and were masquerading as security forces but how does it explain them having standard issue military guns or using state vehicles, its all very confusing cause earlier they had blamed labour movements, civic organisations and the opposition and for the second time again #ThisFlag movement charged with trying to subvert a constitutionally elected government…

 Looks like we should brace ourselves for more raids as they try to flush out the rogue elements and probably more internet disruptions, unless an appeal to the constitutional court set for Monday accomplishes anything but I have long since lost faith in the ability of the judiciary to uphold the constitution, waiting for them to surprise and as for people trying to reach out to SADC and the AU, did you know Zimbabwe’s president is the incoming Deputy Chairperson of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security

Mnangagwa deputy chairman security sadc organ security

If you were having coffee with me, we would be having mango juice I think it tastes great though somewhat pulp

Are you staying up to watch the blood moon tonight ? I would not miss it for the world, the moon and I have an arrangement, wherever you are looking at the moon know I will be looking at the same moon too




      1. Oh yes, now I remember. 🙂
        I hope your internet is up and running again. It must be very frustrating to experience this. I know I am spoilt with where I live – a fact I am reminded of every time I visit my family in South Africa.

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    1. Hi Trent. The social media is still down, there was supposed to be a constitution court appeal this afternoon challenging this decision but havent any news …. but the taking out the whole internet was really quite extreme, it was like a 36 hour post-apocalyptic movie, with looting and disproportionate violence


  1. I ache over your struggle. How frustrating to be manipulated and disappointed by a government that is suppose to care. Prayers for you and your country men and women.

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    1. Thank you Antoinette
      Its a terrible state of affairs and the way things are set up a, we are fast approaching a volatile end-point and it scares me, its one of the things a wise man is supposed to fear, the anger of a gentle person….. I really hope we get to some normalcy before it really gets out of hand
      Thanks again and have an awesome week


    1. Thanks Josh
      seems like a bit of internet shutdown turns people into rogues
      At least this week seems calm for now, hoping that sensibility prevails and normalcy remains but for now its an uneasy calm,…

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      1. Some wordsimith of old now long dead once said something along the lines of how giving a man a mask will show you his true face……

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  2. B! Continue to be strong but safe. I have no words that can describe how I feel reading this. I hope you’re ok
    You’re brilliant
    Keep writing! Even if it’s on paper
    Prayers from a distance

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  3. Dude, I have no words at all to describe what I’ve been experiencing the past couple of days due to the internet shut down. It’s an entire mess! I didn’t even know there was a blood moon. I’m so behind with the latest news it’s frustrating AF!!!!

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    1. Its been a dark week, literally and metaphorically and maybe even spiritually
      and it wasnt just a blood moon it was a super blood moon the next one will be in years!!!!
      Keep safe and take care

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  4. i hope to have some coffee with you discussing how the snake called Zim government has bitten itself when it thought it is shutting their citizens out. both politics and economy in the 21st century have become digitalised to an extent that, shutting it down is like shitting government operations too plus becoming diplomatically legging behind.

    if we were having coffee we would be discussing how technologically did our government failed instead of embracing the presence of internet fr the benefit of our economy and political by creating an open inclusive dialogue, meant for revival and healing of our nation.

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    1. Hi Nesbertt
      The government just took us back several stages of progress by that simple act, it clearly shows, to them the internet is simply a social space and nothing more. The whole digital movement is somewhat beyond their scope, at a time we should be seeking out tech-driven innovations and utilising the global village which allows us to be at level playing field with the developed countries and not bound by geographic locations they drag u back to the basics,
      and strange enough I see they are still issuing out announcements via the social media accounts did they forgot they switched us off?

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      1. At least they have currently restored all services, but simply because the constitution pointed out there was no legislation to issue out the directive, I can bet money they are busy trying to draft a new cyber bill which will grant the necessary legislative authority…..


  5. Beaton, you live in a circus of bad government and I often fear for you, your family and your peer civilians. What a horror it would be to be one of the honest people in your government and frustrating as they try to improve things. Stay safe brother. When the internet is up – you make it a better place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gary.
      Thank you for the visit and the encouragement, much appreciated.
      Sometimes its awful hard to walk the honest path, but we try to find balance and a word at a time, we make it a better place
      Have a great week ahead and thanks


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