Of Coffee, Condolences and Hugs

heart petals

If you were having coffee with me we would be having a cuppa ginger and honey tea, I am trying to soothe away a cold and bring some warmth into my life, after several days of a funeral wake and the burial of a dearly departed uncle.

lemon tea

“Nematambudziko” that is the Shona translation for my condolonces; the standard response is “Akaoonekwa”  which literally translates to they we were witnessed. To be honest I have never really understood what it all means and when someone says that, I try to look appropriately grief-stricken enough as I mumble a response back and wriggle myself out of hugs and evading invasive personal questions, we grieve in our own ways and life, well it goes on………

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you that unless someone where bereaved is there a standard length of time that is acceptable for a hug? Some people hug you like they are channeling their inner kidnapper holding you down so that you can never ever leave ………forever….

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you if you remember the Colcom pie I menationed in my last Coffee Chat  well guess what the company released its first official statement on their product:

Pork Payi?

“In August 2015 Colcom commissioned a new, largely automated plant to replace its previous aged and inefficient plant to increase production capacity required to meet the increase in demand….. While it was anticipated that the new plant would be able to produce similar pies, in practice this was found not to be the case.”

“Whilst maintaining the original Colcom pie has been the objective since the commissioning of the new pie plant…….”
“And we have committed significant resources to achieve this result including seeking the assistance of international technical experts, it has until now not been possible to replicate all aspects of that product.

Three years since they commissioned a new plant production has trebled while the quality has gone done, I guess its a matter of quantity over quality and watching the zeros in the bank add up………

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you the election madness is here, I just got an sms from an aspiring candidate which not only asks me to vote for them but addresses me by name as a fellow comrade and I am busy trying to wrap around how they got my name and number and if someone somewhere is violating some privacy codes of conduct or did I agree to this in those terms and conditions I never got round to actually reading

Have an awesome week ahead


PS so by some fortuitous turn of events I got me some four free movie passes and now I am struggling with wether I should

A) take four friends to see one movie

B) take one friend to see two movies

C) take two different friends to two different movie each

D) go watch four movies all by myself

Decisions decisions what would would you do?



  1. I can totally relate, funerals are were up meet up with distant cousins, aunts, uncles whom you don’t know but know they know you and expect you to know them. Some even have the nerve to say, “Do you know me, I last saw you when you were this high (their hand at about hip level) ?”

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  2. Yes, people really don’t understand that we all process emotions differently. I, like you, feel suffocated. I need to be on my own. It feels like they are helping themselves, not you, when they are so clingy at those times.
    As for the movies. It depends. I would probably choose “by myself”, but are there 4 movies you’d like to see? Chances are there are not. I can barely find 1 movie that I’d like to see, so I would probably choose one other person and see 2 movies with them.

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    1. we are all different people thank you for the visit

      The are new movies out which I need to catch up on and I think no time like the present to play catch up
      movie reviews coming soon

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  3. Sorry to hear about your uncle (am I reading that right), and that you haven’t been feeling well. Ginger Honey Tea sounds like it would be good when you’re not feeling well (and otherwise to tell the truth)


    1. Thank you Tena
      I do feel better ginger tea tastes awesome and its a great pick me up beverage and great for the winter season, yes its the middle of winter over here

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  4. I’m sorry about your uncle. And I think I may be an unnaturally long hugger. I’m not sure. But I do like to squeeze tight. Technically I think a) should be take 3 friends to see one movie, but I think would go with c. Have fun whichever one you choose!


    1. Thank you….
      hahahahahaha you might have that creepy pyscho inner workings

      you are absolutely right technically its three friends unless of course I dont go ha!

      Option C seems to be winning one needs good company

      thanks for dropping by

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      1. Hmmmm, I might prefer to think of it as being genuine than creepy and psycho. hahaha I think people who are BAD huggers, don’t give a genuine squeeze and do a weird little tapping thing on your back are way more suspect. 🙂

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    1. Thank you… and the cold is almost all gone away so yey!!!!

      Two movies two friends sounds like a plan because if I watched by myself whom would I talk about them with

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