Of Coffee, Friday the 13th and Scary things

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If you were having coffee with me I would greet you with a fun fact. Did you know that if the first day of the month falls on a Sunday then the 13th day would be a Friday…. Friday the 13th *cues somewhat slightly ominous music*

friday the 13th

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you what the scariest movie (and or book ) you have seen (and or read). I used to be a sensitive viewer/reader I guess because of the crazy creative runaway imagination. Growing up, when watching a movie, I would check the age restrictions and those viewer discretion warnings that came at the beginning of movies for anything that would offend my delicate sensibilities, and I grew very adept at identifying the soundtrack music that signified something bad was about to happen.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about this one time when I watched a Friday the 13th horror show about Jack The Ripper and I couldnt sleep properly for days upon days. I imagined decapitated heads in bed with me and headless corpses somewhere trying to find their way to me like I was some headless ghost whisperer…… *goosebumps* Now I am all grown up I am not so afraid as I used to be and I guess I am catching up on all the macabre morbidities I shied away from as a child, reading all of Stephen King and Dean Koontz; watching Insidious, Conjuring, Drag me to hell and a host of other horror flicks and I laugh and laugh and laugh

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you if there is anything I ask myself at the end of every horror movie its that “How do they explain all this to the police?”

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how I have been having a no good absolutely horrible week, first my laptop decided to grow legs in the middle of the night and find a new home without so much as a goodbye taking with it all my unpublished drafts and oh so many other things and then my external hard drive with the back ups decided this would be a marvelous time to corrupt all the data contained within it *cries in unsaved words from the book I have pretending to write for the whole year*

And what did the police say: “fill in this here form and we will get back to you” and that was that, and that’s that…….

Wish me luck so I can win the lottery or some windfall to buy myself a replacement laptop cause life without one kinda sucks I cant write half less than half the times I wish could *sigh*

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that it looks like a stray cat which I sometimes feed leftovers has adopted me as its new owner, and it even tried to cheer me up, it brought me a live free range chicken and laid it at my feet like a gift, I don’t know where it got it from I wont even ask besides it can’t answer but looks like I have a pet chicken until I get hungry that is……

Did you know cats only meow at people and not at other cats???? look it up 

Have an awesome week ahead cheers



PS do not play footsie with a cat, it might seem like a good idea, but those claws are super sharp. Cats are predators, I wouldn’t be surprised if the horror movies got it wrong, vampires don’t turn into bats, they turn into cats!!!!!!!!!





  1. Your cat is a God – don’t forget or though shall be smited (is that even a word?!) with the razor claws of stabby death😂
    The scariest book I ever read was Ghost Story by Peter Straub – I slept with the lights on for months!

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    1. No lies detected hahaha I remember reading about some guys who greatly revere cats like holy cats pardon my meow lol
      Oh yes Peter Straub writes real spooky stuff I first discovered him from some Stephen King collabo I forget the title


      PS The night is dark and full of terrors I can see how one should sleep with lights on but you do realise it makes it easier for the monsters to see you, just saying

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      1. The Talisman was that collaboration – very different for both of them but a good read!
        As for easier for the monsters to see you – that’s true.. but you can see them too!

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  2. Beaton, maybe you should do a go fund me campaign for a new laptop you have a lot of readers who might be happy to chip in …

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    1. Hello There!!!! ♥♥♥

      Thank you for the wonderful idea its something I should definitely look into ….
      Have an awesome week


  3. Oh wow. I’m so sorry about your laptop. Sending good thoughts for a lottery win or a new laptop soon — or both. Is your new cat huge? To drag you a live chicken — that’s not easy. He must really like you. =) A cat I knew once killed a squirrel and dragged it to me. It’s mate screamed above me on a wire. I’m still permanently scarred from that. I tried to explain to the screaming squirrel that it was all Hitman’s idea (the name I gave the cat) not mine. How do you console a creature after something like that though? :/

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    1. A cat named Hitman hahahahaha alrighty then wait was the cat named before this incident or after was it like a rat hitman?? lol
      Yikes though I can almost imagine the trauma, how do you console a creature that could potentially go all feral on you I have seen documentaries on animals gone wild ….which really should be titled when people do stupid things because why would you think or look thats a potentially deadly creature but its so cute let me poke it with a sharp stick……….


      Ps the cat is not what I would call small and the chicken is one I would not call huge hahahaha

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      1. =) He was named Hitman after this incident. I don’t know who he belonged to. I know what you mean about those documentaries. Lately there have been a lot of people wanting selfies with grizzlies, turning their backs on them for the pic. Boggles the mind. ^_^ ♥.

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  4. Two things: Footsie’s with a cat is painful. You are so right. My boy Flash reminded me of that mistake the other night. Number two on the list is the lap top with legs. My oh my do I see a spooky story coming on. I think I need to draw that one out.

    Excellent blog. Happy I stumbled across it. I shall return!!!

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    1. hahaha some lessons you have to learn the painful way, the way you get told fire burns but still the only way you truly learnt fire does burn is by playing with fire…… let them play footsie with a cat ha!

      What would cause a laptop to grow legs? A computer virus by a mad scientist hacker goes horribly wrong after a power surge during the boot sequence and the USB ports get a shocking life of their own **cue ominous music**


      PS Thanks for finding your way to hear a pleasure!!!!


      1. A laptop with legs. This explains why I watch Stranger Things.

        I’m seeing a deeper meaning with fire. The actual thing or the emotional ring? So many questions.

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      2. The Upside Down World is real!!! I saw a stain on the wall that looked like a spot where the demagogorn could come out from ~B

        Ps fire is my spirit animal


    1. Thanks hey, yeah that now seems less and less unlikely my backup drive got pronounced dead by “specialists” whom I suspect might have killed it worse trying to fix it lol oh well….

      Thanks fo the kind words and forr dropping by much appreciated


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