Of The Rain God

Rain God


I am a Rain God.

Try not to freak out, I am trying not to freak out either but that is my final conclusion, it makes perfect sense.

Why does it rain? It rains when two clouds love each other so much that they come together….  I will save you the geography lesson, besides I never really paid attention but I did learn a cool word for rain… PRECIPITATION. I also know another cool ran related word PETRICHOR (ask me nicely and I might tell you in an upcoming post.)

How to make it rain:

For most people it’s not exact science, unless of course you are into cloud seeding and such then it’s a near exact science but highly iffy. Cloud seeding is when you really love a cloud…. OK I really should have sat still and listened during my Geography class.

A Rain Ceremony is another way to make it rain, now that is definitely NOT a science it is more in the magic and mythical realm. You need to engage the services of a n’anga aka sangoma aka “witch doctor’’ what do you call such a bone throwing traditional “doctor”  where you come from? The doctor performs some sort of ancestral appeasement ceremony because mostly when it doesn’t rain its because you did something wrong and the ancestors are showing their displeasure. A rain dance might be done, traditional beer will be brewed and a cow or goat is slaughtered, those ancestors sure like a good party.

If you are an ordinary person and you want it to rain, its fairly easy just wish for it to not rain; throw a garden party  or some outdoors event, or wash all your clothes and hany them out to dry …. Chances are it will rain depending on your luck

The Rain God


I spent a tiny town in the Lowveld part of Zimbabwe, it’s a hot arid region with low precipitation. Whenever it rained I got a nose bleed, or rather now that I think about it, when it; When I got a nose bleed It Rained. Maybe it was the heat maybe it was the altitude and atmospheric pressure (ok I did pay attention during geography class) The nose bleeds were rather severe and distressing not only to me but to the witnesses. Eventually my grandma came up with a solution, smoke some Elephant dung. Yes it worked, I stopped getting nose bleed, it still rained though, so that’s a remedy for those who know anyone who suffers from frequent nose bleeds.

I grew up and grew my hair too.


Now here is the thing, every single time I get my hair touched up usually after a washday routine(read it here):   IT RAINS.


And after all the effort putting into fixing up my hair imagine getting rained on your parade. At first I used to brush it off as just a weird coincidence but now, not so much.



I had my washday the day before yesterday; it rained all of yesterday I tried fixing up the rain damage last night, and today:

Even FaceBook warned me to stay dry


Its not just that it rains, it tries to rain on me, I like dancing in the rain but not when I have just got my hair done, the two strand twists start unravelling.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-03 at 12.14.53

Maybe I should visit Cape Town I hear they could really do with some rain


I am a Rain God






  1. Great post. The land here(Kenya)is thirsty and a visit from the rain god would be greatly appreciated . The mganga aka witchdoctor is sleeping on the job.

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  2. You look “fabulous”, although I’m much better looking than you, I have to tell the truth, point being…y b.forgot, got it, what is with all you people that have that type of hair? I know quite some so my very very very first question is….. doesn’t it makes you scratch too much?
    I’m a bold guy, almost but getting there, point being again…… is much more easier to be a bold guy than that hair. I’m actually going to do a campaign against long hair, only bolds aloud


  3. I chuckled when I saw your Facebook post. Best not visit us here… it would always be good to see you, but we don’t need more rain in Scotland. 😀 😀 😀

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    1. hahaha Maybe if I concentrate real hard, I could make it not rain for a day or two….
      how about that, would I be a welcome visitor bringing the perfect weather for a picnic

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  4. I believe you’re a God
    Aren’t you royalty?
    Different cultures, different beliefs
    Rastas feel that hair is related to being closer and their God will pull them up to heaven from their locks.
    I’m sure it’s intertwined

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