Of Blogging Every Day


For the past month I have been part of a team of bloggers who pledged to blog every day for the month of September.

One of the objectives of this challenge was simply to see whether it could be done or not, in the way some one climbs to the top of the highest mountain and then when you get to the top you find another mountain to climb.

standing top of mountain clip art
You look like ants from up here

The main objective was to give voice to the African narrative to share posts that help put in to perspective the reality that is my world and if we have enough people telling it, Africa’s voice will be heard this is My Africa and these are my Words


It’s not easy, to write everyday but it’s not impossible, life will intrude, it always does but you can either make time or you can make excuses.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this blog everyday challenge is that my creativity is boundless, as the sea the more I write, the more I have, it is infinite (Did I low key quote Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, perhaps creativity is like being in love).

I have always had a fear that I am like a precious bottle of creativity and I must pour out each drop carefully, sparingly, the way a miser begrudgingly hands out each coin as if it’s the last; I felt it paid to hoard, lest I find my supply diminished and my precious creativity depleted.

………….Now I will pour and pour and pour…….

When you write every day, it forces you to think about writing, every day. You pay more attention to conversations around you, a sentence you read in a book, a quote from a movie or TV series, a leaf falling softly, to the soft brown earth, everything is a story waiting to be told; no one listens more to your story than the person who will write it down and no one reads it more than one about to write their own. The symmetry of the reader and the writer, one can be a reader and never a writer but a writer must be a reader.

I have interacted with interesting bloggers taking part in this challenge and seeing how they write has helped me to define my voice, to write as the stories should be told, to write as the story teller I am.

Goodbye September and Welcome October


Day 30 of my blog every day challenge

Here is quick way twitter moment of my past posts.



  1. Well done on the challenge! I like writing challenges ’cause they push us into unknown territories and from what you’ve written, I see you had fun doing it! Great job B! My take home is ‘…life will intrude, it always does but you can either make time or you can make excuses.’

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    1. Thank you….
      I happen to love the unknown territories ‘Here be dragons” thats what they used to write on uncharted territories on maps why back in the day……..
      here’s to finding dragons!!!!!

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  2. Congrats on committing yourself to this challenge and actually going through with it. I tried but hey at least it got me writing more than usual. “Creativity is boundless” I loved that… and also I relate to you on that part of …”I have always had a fear that I am like a precious bottle of creativity and I must pour out each drop carefully, sparingly, the way a miser hands out each coin as if its last…” Well done, can’t wait for the next challenge

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    1. Thank you.
      hey as long as it got you posting more than usual its a plus right? ^_^ That was another objective of the challenge to help push your consistency skills, if you can manage blogging everyday, then one post a month should not be hard at all even one post a week is manageable, instead of going months without a post……
      how do you improve if not by writing and writing some more?

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  3. woooow.. So this blog post that shuts September entails too much food for thought, quotes for life and too much gist for the next challenge.. I am challenging myself to write 30 days, today is day 1.. I hope I never make an excuse for never being able to write!! Thanks B

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    1. yaaaay, you’re blogging for a month too…. 😄😄😄😄😄🙌
      Writing challenges really do stretch your imagination. I’ve loved living in your mind these past 30 days Beaton…..its a very interesting place to be 😅

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    2. Thank you …. All the best on your writing challenge, I will drop in and read you should be on day 3 by now correct?
      Never make excuses Awoooah

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  4. Do i get anything for going through all your blogs for the #BlogTemberChallenge ??? .. That’s a challenge in and of itself

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  5. I like your style of writing – Glad you completed the challenge, GREAT JOB! I like when you said “life will intrude, it always does but you can either make time or you can make excuses” that was very powerful, everyone blames “excuses” for the reason why they don’t push themselves ahead and I can imagine excuses saying, “Its not my Fault!”…lol. We only get one life, we have to leave excuses alone and just do what we were called to do, glad you’re doing that my friend. Can’t wait to see more!

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