Of Feeling The Earth Move

I felt the Earth move beneath the soles of my feet, a tremor deep from the bowels of the planet’s core.

I was sitting on the sofa watching TV and tweeting about it….  and then I noticed that it was just that I could feel The Earth beneath my feet but the sofa was vibrating ever so slightly like it was a massage chair and the windows were rattling like a freight train was passing through my backyard…. There is no railway line in our backyard, so it could only mean one thing…. a derailed freight train was being all unstoppable outside the house…. I got up and peered casually outside the window half expecting to hear the shrill blast of a train’s horn or see the headlights coming straight at me and I could look like a startled deer watching a flame come to burn it, wait that’s a moth, but see a moth would have flown to the flame, the flame would have come for me…..I guess my imagination is just like runaway train of thought….

The internet is such a handy tool, instead going crazy trying to figure out if I had gone crazy a few clicks later I knew what happened…..

Turns out it was an earthquake:


A 6.5 magnitude earthquake with an epicentre in central Botswana occurred at 1940hrs CAT, and the tremors were felt in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

I haven’t heard of any causalities so I presume people only got a little shaken up nothing serious…

Its amazing isn’t our ability to laugh at  the things that frighten, our on way of assuring ourselves that, that wasn’t so bad give me another challenge… see fear cant abide humour, were it not for laughter sometimes fear  would never leave, that’s because fear usually arrives late, inevitably leaves early, and ends up never going out at all.

So when you wake up in the morning and find people joking about earthquakes all over social media maybe they are not just being funny, they are saying hey lets laugh because we are not afraid… at least lets pretend we didn’t for a second think the world was going to end, aint no body got time to live their lives like that….

I felt the Earth move beneath my feet and I laughed, did you feel it too…..?


PS If you didn’t feel anything and you are wondering if it was real, the internet says it was real so it was real




  1. I felt the earth move next to a train station in southern Connecticut, but there wasn’t any train. It was a real live Earthquake centered many miles away. Nothing tumbled down where I was. But I thought of a song.
    I suppose if a person wanted a more stable place, they could live at a horse ranch. Best wishes.

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  2. Hello, I didn’t feel or hear anything but if the internet says it affected the entire country of Zimbabwe it must be true and I was just not paying attention.

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  3. Yikes! I’ve felt a couple small ones and been in a 3.2 earthquake, but that’s it. I hope I don’t experience more. It’s kinda amazing and freaky when you see the ground rolling under your feet and the super tall pines swaying (not in the breeze!).


    1. Thanks….. am sure you know by now, I am always game for a good laugh ha!
      PS Second earthquake I have experienced, the first one was a trifle more alarming as we were quite close to the epicenter, cups were falling out of cupboards and cracks appeared on walls I honestly thought the world was ending like yep this is it…. now where are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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      1. Oh yes…that’s why I keep coming back to your posts. 🤣
        I can imagine how alarming that experience would have been. Quite surreal if crockery was tumbling down, like an end of the world flick.
        Silver lining – I’m certain you could make an earthquake scene literally pop off the page now. Be safe.

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