Of A Coffee Affair and Dreams


wp-1468828080069.jpgIf you were having coffee with me I would tell you……Ahhh! Even before I wake.. I can smell you..
Mmmm your scent awakens me with a smile.. 

I must have you.. ..

Your rich ebony color is so delightful promising sweetness…

Your darkness so deep….

As I consume you…

I savor your taste..

I feel your warmth invigorating me to the core,

You enter my body…

and I feel alive..

I savor every sip , second…every drop…

All I need to face the day..
I take a little of you with me..

Can’t imagine my life without you…
If you were having coffee with me I would tell you of my coffee affair and oh damn! how I love my coffee!

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you what was the last good dream you had ? Do you remember, any of your dreams? It seems like I only remember the nightmares….

I had a dream I was test driving a jaguar it’s a phenomenal creature with a  fine balance of stealth  and speed. It was exhilarating experience, I mean have you heard how it roars a display of raw power that makes your heart either stop or beat rapidly or even both at the same time… The ride was a little bumpy and I kept sliding of, and The Jaguar might have tried to bite me a couple of times I don’t think Jaguars fancy being ridden, we will have to ask an expert ….and I think next time I must dream up a saddle…..


If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you read my last post on The Great TV Licence Conspiracy? Anyway guess what the Constitution Court passed a landmark ruling which means we under obligation to Pay TV Licences if we possess any device capable of receiving a signal regardless of whether you listen to the national broadcaster or not…. I do wonder how they will enforce this law, *thinking frog face emoji* will they make us take out our phones to display  TV licences ….. ?

Word on the street is that legislation is under way to ban citizens from owning or carrying flag and only institutions can display the national flag, this comes after The whole #ThisFlag Movement made waves in the corridors of power. Currently in Court and Parliament people are already banned from displaying flags as it seems to be in support of “The Flag Pastor”….. I thought The Flag was for all patriots *sips tea*

If you were having coffee with I would ask you how your week has been, what’s good with you and here is to an awesome week…^_^


PS we are having lemon tea and scones as we watch the sun dissolve…….


  1. Illegal to for a citizen to own a national flag? I’ve never heard of such a thing before!

    And about the jaguar bit, the cats certainly don’t like to be ridden! The cars sometimes do, depending on how much money you have.

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    1. They seem to be fast running out of things to ban really…… just recently they were trying to do something to the internet as well, crazy times hahaha
      PS depending how much money you have you could take the whole world for a ride

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  2. A flag=for the people, of the people… something like that anyway. We Brits have had to pay a TV licence fee since forever btw, I feel your pain. Sigh

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      1. so funny how I just realized that my last post called ‘Happiness’ also talks about drinking lemon tea and scones. Oh gosh!!!

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  3. My country was born over tea. Harboring complaints over “taxation without representation”. A ride to Lexington (on a horse, not a jaguar) and then Concord. Let freedom ring, but not choke us. (That is possibly more political than I meant it to be. Or not to be. Best wishes to you in your hamlet.)

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      1. It’s always a thrill to see Zimbabwe’s Flag lit up on the map of my blog! And there’s the start of a possible poem if I dared and leaped like a frog…. Or not!


  4. Hi Mr. B,

    Hmmm… a certain someone is having an affair with coffee grains, tsk tsk tsk XD

    When I read “test driving a Jaguar”, I thought you meant the classic automobile. Yikes! That animal would have ripped you to shreds. I don’t always remember all the bits of my dreams.

    Ah, the TV Licence matter is still on. Lol

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    1. hahahaha ♥♥♥♥ its a percolated affair ^_^
      confession my dream car is the Jaguar the automobile not the animal, but the beast is cool too I wouldnt mind having one as a pet ^_^
      Thanks for dropping by

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