Of Coffee On A Fishy Trip


If  you were having coffee with me…….lakeside coffee.jpg

If you were having coffee with me we would be having a hot cuppa in the great outdoors like a picnic. We would be going fishing and of course we would have a flask of hot coffee, and some tasty sandwiches which I got up at the crack of dawn to make.


Have a sandwich, I hope you like chicken, I killed the chicken myself and now we are going to catch fish and have it for supper. You had best be wearing something warm, the weather seems to have decided not only is winter coming “Stark WordsWinter Is Here, its cloudy with a chance of  rain. The weather Forecast says “Expect heavy rains”, funny I didn’t know the sky was pregnant.

If you were having coffee with me we would be going to the lake, Lake Chivero. We would stop along the way to buy worms because its all about the bait, ask any good fisherman, I would not know not though, that’s what the guy who sells worms said, but suspect he only says that to get you to buy his worms.


They say give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man the fine of art of fishing and he will find an excuse to go to the lake and lounge the day away….. It’s a bit windy would you like a nip of whiskey in your coffee, it’s single malt, slow brewed, extra matured and tastes like oak or is it woody anyway I won’t tell if you won’t tell.

The thing about fishing is that there is a fine line between fishing and standing with fishing rod in hand looking awesomely foolish. Have a swig of whiskey ooops I mean coffee and lets wile away the day.

If you were having with me, we would go for a boat ride, if you pay a modest fee, they rent out a canoes for the day, they even include life jackets and warn you not to row to far else you might get in a current. It feels a bit unsteady as if it might topple over but after a while you get used to it but try not to think about lochness monsters, leviathans and krakens and the harder you try to not think about something, goosebumps.

2016-02-13 15.jpg

Oh no, while we were out on the boat, some bright spark thought the worms were thirsty and poured whiskey into the can of worms, now they are all dead, alcohol kills worms. So we have no more bait which is our valid excuse for why we did not catch any fish. Isnt it fortunate that there fisherman who sell fish just close by so will buy one or two big ones  and pretend we caught them.


Shhhh *conspiratorial wink* no one need ever know and when someone asks we shall smile that knowing smile and say “You should have seen the one that got away….. it was a leviathan



The afternoon rain forecasted has started and we have to be going now, glad you hung around on our fishing trip so long and thanks for all the fishes♥♥♥♥

bye-bye (1).jpg








  1. The coffee was good but the fishing was best, don’t see a mess of perch

    like that very often. We always used to keep the eggs out of the perch before they spawned, the eggs fried up a golden brown are just as good as the fish are better. Thank you for your blog. The coffee/fishing trip

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  2. Irish coffee 😀 that’s the correct way
    Never been fishing before till now, however I’m sure next time fish shant be bought it shall be caught haha, 100 post or so I read on my Twitter congrats brada, enjoying these coffee visits, so home-y not Homie(like sup my Homie) even though you are my Homie the blog is Home-y see what I mean

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    1. hahaha thanks…. yep Irish coffee Ia awesome fishing really is an excuse to go play at the river if you ask me, it’s not so much about actually catching anything hahaha (says someone who didn’t catch anything maybe when I do I will tell you about the joys of actually catching fish )

      100 posts no doubt got the notification Yey thanks a span


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      1. I’m sure you shall catch some, maybe rub some Irish coffee all over the fishing line, might attract the fish

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      2. Find out what he loves more The alcohol or eating humans, If it’s the former you get to hoodwink him with the rest of your whiskey and sucker punch him when he ain’t looking, knock him out, guy him and have a cool story to write orrr even better have a new drinking fish buddy, however if it is the latter, eishh I can’t help there

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      3. you know what you might be onto something…. and regardless how it all winds up, you will have an awesome story to tell except the one version of it you might not get a chance to actually tell someone I shall make some discrete enquires lol


  3. “They say give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man the fine of art of fishing and he will find an excuse to go to the lake and lounge the day away.”

    I’ve never thought of it that way, but it’s true! Also, are Loch Ness monsters and krakens common by you? Apparently there used to be a few monsters of that sort in my area, but they must’ve got tired of the harsh winters because no one ever sees them.

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    1. these legends and stories ……. but I dont know any leaving person who has actually witnessed any of these things in the end they are simply stories people tell kids to scare them into being repsctful of nature dont throw litter in the Lake or else……
      no one ever sees them

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  4. What is with you and killing chickens?!

    I’ll take some whiskey in my coffee, thank you. I’m one of those who stand with a fishing rod in my hand looking awesomely foolish. So long and thanks for all the fish! 🐟🐟🐟

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    1. going through a chicken phase hahaha and I really really really love chicken.. eating it that is 🙂

      hahaha I think there are two types of people those who can fish and the other lot of people

      cheers ~B

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  5. So entertaining Beaton as always… love your fishing trip – I used to go fishing with my dad when I was a teenager – he worked in the Caribbean for a while and we’d fish there! So it kinda brought back memories. He doesn’t fish anymore, goes golfing these days.

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    1. hahaha thank you… it’s in your genes you absolutely must go fishing 🙂 and you know better than most, it’s not even about catching anything too hahaha that is the true angler’s secret…. and funny enough that’s when they bite ~B

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