Of Christmas in Zimbabwe

If you were having coffee with me…..
we would be having tea served with a tray-full of bread slices spread generously with red mixed fruit Sun Jam and that is what Christmas tastes like.

What does your Christmas taste like?

Compliments of the festive season

B ^_^


Solveig Werner


Christmas in Zimbabwe by Beaton

I know it’s Christmas when I walk down First Street and the Christmas lights are strung up and lit. On the official switching on ceremony there is a carol by candlelight night, a night of Christmas carols.
I know it’s Christmas time when the Africa Unity Square Park is full of lights and the fountain is painted and spouting water as it should.

merry xmasChristmas lights beaton.png

Christmas is never Christmas until Mariah Carey released a Christmas album…. “All I want for Christmas…..”

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