Of Coffee With A Cop

Somewhere in the world, the first Wednesday of October is National Coffee with a Cop Day a day dedicated to encouraging communication and positive interactions between law enforcement agencies and the public.

Where I come from, when someone is said “ari kunwa tea nemapurisadrinking tea with police, it means you are assisting the police with “investigations” which basically means you have been arrested.

Police Officers aren’t the most liked people, in a world where you feel like you need protection from those supposed to protect you

If you were having coffee with me, I would share with you this viral image of a police officer being carried across a flooded street, in Kampala, Uganda; oh it was for a fee of course.

He ain’t heavy, he’s a police officer

he is not heavy he is apolice officer

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words… what does this say to you?


Image credit Nicholas Bamulanzeki  a photojournalist with The Observer Newspaper Uganda who has covered major and historical events around Uganda and the continent.



    1. its absolutely loaded lol… I actually stopped myself from trying to make any allusions literal or metaphoric… You can go and drink tea with the police by your own self thank you very much ^_^

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    1. Thank you…
      my thousand words are in the image… and I could no trust myself to start interpreting it in ways that would not result in me drinking tea with the police



    1. No he was not hurt, he did not want to get his policeman feets wet.

      The guy who is carrying him is an enterprising entrepreneur who charges people to carry them across the flooded street.

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      1. I have seen people who will put wooden planks across a flooded ditch and charge people to cross, like a makeshift toll gate, if you dont want to pay they remove their planks and you get your feet wet …


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  1. Coffee with police means am paying a bribe of some sort, and the coffee place is the best place to meet

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  2. This line is so true, “in a world where you need protection from those who are supposed to protect you”. It’s everywhere now. Police brutality. I don’t like them at all. Even the kindest person in uniform would be suspicious to me. 😔🙁


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