Of Sock Gap: A Sock Tale

The thoughts that keep me up some nights…. Musing.

A Shaggy Sock Tale

Picture this: you go out on a romantic date right, everything is beautiful the weather is lovely the sky so blue, you know tonight, will be the night, the best you ever had…..
so your place, her place or some other place, who cares.

Wine Glasses

You know this movie scene.
A wine bottle, pops.
Glasses clink.
Lingering contact.
It’s all flashes.
Lips parted.
No words.
You draw close to each other, as you would to the warmth of a fire.
A blur of motion.
A swirl of riotous color
Clothes are coming off, it’s crazy, it’s so on!!!
The screen fades to black to the sound of heavy breathing… *Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing playing in background*

Now pause right there…( ❚❚ )
There you are, all frisky, hot and bothered, you no longer really thinking except all you wanna do is do it….

I have your attention, yes?

My question is simple enough.
When the hell is the proper time to take off your socks????

Let’s call it a sock gap.
When do you take off your socks??

Seriously, yes, it’s an issue, at least for me…..
Up at night wondering.
Obviously you can’t take them off first, because shoes.
Shoes first. Makes sense.
I mean do you take them off, after you take off your shoes but before you remove your trousers, or is it after your trousers but at this point, the shirt was probably the first thing to come off, so after you take off your trousers you just naked except for your socks, and you wondering how the hell you ended in nothing but your socks but it’s too late to take them off and you just hope it’s kinky cute like that, hopefully they are a clean, have no holes and are a matching pair of socks……

I have new socks on ^_^


(*Trolls are real they live in the sock drawer and steal your socks but only the ones for your left foot*)

Photocredit: Wine Glasses Sock puppet


  1. I was not expecting that! That’s so funny, but what a dilemma. How does one take off your own socks in a provocative way that doesn’t pause the mood? Maybe you do that for your partner, then hope they do it for you? I guess it would all depend on if your feet are ticklish?

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  2. A dilemma, forsooth!

    It’s only the first time that’s awkward. If it helps, my husband takes them off last thing, pulling them from the toe. Somewhat less awkward than pushing down from the top, which is how I always remove socks.

    Glad to know you’re wearing nice, new socks. You never know when romance will suddenly strike. 🙂


    1. Hahaha I can imagine I would have looked at you funny too, if you burst out laughing for no reason. Well it’s not for no reason but “we” would not know. ^_^
      Glad you were entertained


    1. I found it so funny that I shared it on Facebook to my professional and personal page. 🙂 I say take the socks off when you take your shoes off. Drag them off together. 😀

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    2. hahahaha I have to admit this is super hilarious… glad you found it amusing too, well hope tour clothes did not get wrinkled from all that rolling on the floor

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  3. There’s a window, a very small window, whereby of you miss it, taking them off is pointless.
    This window lies somewhere in between shoes off and pants off…

    And it must be so swift it’s un noticeable

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