Of Office Security and I


Sometime during the past week I had occasion to meet a blogger friend. Its only when I was asked by the security detail at the reception desk, did I realise; I was not aware of her government name nor did I know which offices she worked (in a multi-floor building might I add) and I couldn’t well say, all I know is their twitter handle, they would probably have looked at me funny, before trying to detain me on grounds of suspicious behavior, I wouldn’t judge them, I would have looked at me funny too. They had to make sure I was not of dubious intentions. Funny enough, they let other people waltz in past the reception area, maybe they work there but I guess if you walk like you belong there, the world has a way of making space for you. Eventually I got all the necessary information I needed and they let me through after having filled in my details in the security register.
That’s what got me thinking;
Seriously thou: Apart from giving some “security personnel” an over-inflated sense of self importance and the illusion that they are vigilantly in control (and just plain time wasting) what is the purpose of that register book you have to sign your
Phone number;
Purpose of visit;
person to see;
time in;
time out;
Before you can enter the building, they wont let you enter if you don’t fill it in but then not so much as glance at it to check what you have written once you are done.
. . . Just saying that if its truly for security reasons, maybe they should ask to see my identification particulars and crosscheck the details,or they assume out of common decency the details I write are correct, maybe I don’t know how the criminal mastermind works cause I for one would not write:
My real name: So you know who I am
True purpose of visit: to rob this place or industrial espionage
My address: where you can find me hiding afterwards, so you can arrest me
My phone number: incase I am not there when the police come looking for me, they can call me to ask for my whereabouts, if I am unable to answer the phone you can if leave me a voicemail

or maybe I am there not for something illegal but not quite ethical either like to see my mistress and I am going to just write that there and her name; so my better half, who might be a possessively jealous type, with a bit of a vindictive streak which is why I would be having an affair, and she be having me tracked by a private investigator, of the sort who leave no stone unturned, can find out and maim or possibly kill my mistress? Hypothetically speaking, that is, because I don’t cheat but no cheater would admit it hmmm I just ruined my case havent take I on faith, and laugh and laugh. ^_^
And then there those premises that do not allow visits of a personal nature to their employees, so if you go to see such a person you have to put down your reason as business and possibly make up a name for company to make everything look legit.
So for whatever reason, few people are honest about what they write there or even write legibly (I cant read what I just wrote it may or may not be intentional *evil laughter*) but at least I wrote my real name and the correct time of entry (even if none can read it)
The conclusion being that whatever purpose the system is suppose to serve, it doesn’t work, lets just do away with the sham and save time, ink and books for what really matters (well to me anyway) like writing letters. Someone write me a letter
..Written sentiments on scented paper of the posted kind..



  1. LOL!!!! HAHAHA *confession* I actually asked her what her government name was just a few days ago after I had been using a name not knowing whether it was her name or not.

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  2. You think that security is bad, in the building where I used to work they would make us sign in and show identification even though they knew us (I guess to prevent criminals disguised as us being given access to the building). The sad thing is the true masterminds always find ways around these systems. Oh, and I believe there are criminal masterminds who would answer the questions just as you wrote, There was a situation recently (a robbery or something) and the robber took to facebook and posted his crime. I’m sure he was surprised upon his arrest, haha.

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    1. The more security system you implement the cleverer criminals become they adapt I suppose, some criminal master minds though are not quite in touch with reality hahaha

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