Of when the music stops

Genre: Romance

The dancers

We were dancers, trapped in a timeless ritual, the distance between us always constant; when she took a step towards me, I took a step back, when I moved towards her, she moved back the exact distance, choreographed symmetry.

And now the song was coming to an end, what happens when the music stopped, I wondered to myself. We had always maintained the cliched space between us, more than friends but less than, less than, what’s more than friends. See, even out loud I never thought of what came after, except when I was dreaming then the music never stopped, dancing always.


“We need to talk” we had said to each other at the same time, having come to the same inevitable conclusion.
“You go first” I said.
“Someone asked me out on a date.”
“I know.”
She looked at me, I could read the question in her eyes.
“He came to me, asked me, if I would mind terribly, if he asked you to dance and if I thought you would say yes, seeing as, you and I, we are like best of friends__”
I trailed off, she hadn’t said a word, she did not need to, I could read her like a book, so I went ahead and answered her next unspoken question.
“I told him that I would not be so presumptuous as to speak your mind……And yes, I would mind, terribly”
The last part I spoke barely above a whisper.
There was a moment of uneasy silence and then she answered,
“I wonder about that, sometimes, of all my talents mind reading is not one of them.”
“You are in luck, today I am wearing my heart on my sleeve. ” I said, as I rolled my shirt sleeve, to reveal a tattoo of a heart with her name in it.
“You got a tat?”
“Like it? It’s not really a tattoo I borrowed a marker from the studio and I guess those art lessons do come in handy. You are you know, in my heart. It will come off, when I bath, but if you want, I could never take another bath, ever.
She laughed, I loved watching her laugh, I could get used to listening to her laughter, for the rest of my life, especially if I was the one who made her laugh.

“You are impossible”

“No if I was impossible, I would not exist, I am simply improbable”

She laughed again.

I moved towards her, she did not step back, I put my hand round her and she accepted, easily, she even laid her hand over mine as if to keep me there.
“Hang on, one question what did you say, when he asked you, for that dance?”
“If I had said anything else, I would not be still here, with you now, would I?”
She moved towards me, closing the gap between us.


The music stopped but everyone kept on dancing until another melody started.

~~~The end

This week’s entry #BlogBattle

Put on your dancing shoes and twirl the day away, I tried my hand at a little romance, it takes two to tango ^_^


PhotoCredit: salsa-licious



  1. “You are impossible” “No if I was impossible, I would not exist, I am simply improbable” You are very clever and masterful with words. There is such wit to how you weave them. This was lovely. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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