Of The Year We Almost Cancelled Christmas

What Christmas looked like….

minimal Christmas decor

Almost didnt put up any festive décor, save for that splash of tinsel salvaged from the forgotten paraphernalia of Christmas past.

2020 feels like the year Christmas was almost cancelled, I say almost because for all intents and purposes this festive season could have slipped into a none event, a day just like any other day, add that up with financial challenges, travel restrictions, COVID measures and the scare of a new COVID strain that’s more infectious….

Earlier in the month  I had been toying with idea of dressing up as Santa, a Rasta Santa to be precise, for the fun of it…. I mean why waste a perfectly good beard that has more salt than pepper?

When I went out searching for a Santa outfit, I couldn’t find one in my price range but I did run into a clown running a funny business painting festive smiles on kids faces.

Rasta and clown

While I didn’t get to dress up as Bra Santa I managed to get a Christmas look going and got into the spirit of the day

Rasta Santa

…and of course my nephew and nieces were suitably awed.

Uncle Rasta

I think I make a dashing Santa, if you know anyone hiring Santas they can book me for next Christmas ^_^

We didn’t have supplies to cook up a festive dinner but we ordered takeaway… When you have a home cooked meal everyday out of necessity, takeaway fast food acquires a certain prestige to rival gourmet cooking. Thanks to the Dial A Delivery service, Christmas was served or is it saved.

Innscor Dial a delivery

From notifications in the family group chat looks like Christmas Day got off to a rocky start but still it did not disappear quietly into a non event.

whataspp family group on Christmas Day

And it rained!!! It appears our Christmas tradition is to have rain showers on Christmas Day which is usually a bummer when one plans to have a family barbecue outdoors on Christmas… Some have snow on Christmas Day we have rain.

What has your festive season looked like


PS what is Boxing Day anyway? Happy Holidays to you and yours



  1. Haha, Merry Christmas dashing Rasta Santa 🎄 This was the Best 🙌🏾 Christmas 🙌🏾 I woke up with stomach aches, I lost appetite after vowing to over eat, I watched 5 movies back to back without my glasses now I have a headache but I loved every second of Christmas 2020 😂


  2. I had rain late spring weather took the garbage out in shorts Christmas morning, than freezing and snow by Christmas afternoon. Cos ya know the climate is all “normal” these days. You are a dapper Santa brother 😁. Great meal. I am doing that next year, sliced cucumber, fries, chicken and pizza. What kind of pizza B ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The new normal is weird and on the climate front, there’s a tropical storm that might make landfall and affect us… in a week so that’s kinda crazy

      Haha BBQ pizza 🍕 it was an interesting meal 🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It rained here Christmas Eve into Christmas, too.
    The older I get, the less Christmasy Christmas gets. It saddens me and I will try to fix it. At least in my microcosms.
    Boxing Day is English (which explains its weirdness). Traditionally, it was the day to give gifts/money to the poor.


  4. Merry Christmas!! You make a wonderful Rasta Santa! I hope this New year will be good for you and family. I’m glad they didn’t cancel Christmas! 😀


  5. My Christmas was super awesome, went to visit my in-laws. I enjoyed every minute of it and so did my son. The way he bonded with his grandparents made my trip worthwhile.


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