The man who can’t be moved.

……just been thinking, if you stand at a corner with a sleeping bag and a cardboard box with words and a picture of a girl wether it rains or snows and some people try to hand you money or ask if you sell drugs or if you have ulterior motives since you have been loitering for long time since, ask you if you are like a crazy person because they dont understand and they tell their friends who tell their friends about you then you might even appear on the news;
how long would it take before a group of smiling men in white lab coats come and take you away….
Hmmm or probably be riot police for holding an illegal gathering by yourself
…The man who can’t be moved…


  1. Is it a protest? Or a statement of fact? They can’t take you away if you’re not willing to move.
    To stand up while sitting down, a testament to defying the odds. May they always be in your favor.

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