Of Coffee with Cat

A cat

If you were having coffee with me, I would first apologise that I could not get up to greet you properly, its the cat you see, its sitting on my lap and has decided I must never stand again, not until our chapter is complete…………

A cat

Like a thief of time,

the sleeping cat,

that never moved,

watched you, watching it, watching you…………

You can help yourself to the beverage of your choosing as long as its herbal tea or plain water hot or cold but I wouldn’t recommend the ice cold water, its still winter this side of the hemisphere, oh I hope you dont take a lot of sugar and you like it black because its that time of month when everything runs out,…. waiting for a month end windfall and praying we don’t get unexpected visitors, because what would we even feed them except tea and conversation.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I have recently discovered I am a cat person, who knew? A stray cat recently adopted me as its new co-owner and it’s worming its way into my yard and life; coming and going as it pleases and disappearing over the fence with a feline grace……

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the cat is an awesome edition to the family as you may or may not know had a recurring problem with rats, you can read about my misadventures with Mista Whiskas and Speedy Gonzales HERE – The Thing in the ceiling. Well thanks to this feline visitor, havent a seen a single uninvited visitor of the rodent genus.

Quick question: are cats carnivorous?????

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you which kind of person are you are, because the are four kinds of people:

  • cat people
  • dog people
  • non-pet keepers
  • and those who simply don’t know cause never kept either…..
If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if saw/read the Obama lecture at what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday had he been still alive, my last post HERE – Nelson Mandela Lecture is my overview on the presentation. Not taking away from the late Nelson Mandela but sometimes I feel he is being made into a brand much larger than life and commercialized  for self-serving purposes.
Nelson Mandela
If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that we have just about a week till we have Zimbabwe’s historic presidential and parliamentary elections on the 30th of July wish us the best of luck…………
PS at what stage do you have “the talk” with your cat when you tell it, its a pet and not quite human but its a non-human person??????
Have an awesome week 


  1. Oh you have soooo much to learn about cats! 😂
    You are not a human master, you are a human slave. You are allowed to live and worship your feline deity and thank your lucky stars you aren’t treated like the rat. In exchange for your puny life you must be a cat chair or bed when needed and make offerings of sacrificed meat and fishies to your benevolent dictator.

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  2. What are you saying? 😀 The cat is no pet. As the birtchy has said, the cat is master.
    So allow me to welcome you fellow slave 😂


    1. I have seen episodes from a tv show about sort of cat whisperer, I think its called my cat from hell …. Cats are apparently quite territorial but sure bring your cat what larks it would be, whats the worst that could happen?



  3. Hi B! I have to say, I like both dogs and cats. I’ve had both, and can’t entirely decide which I like better. I’ve met one or two individual dogs that I’d probably choose over any cat, but not many.

    Also, tea and conversation is plenty for me; a good chat is worth more than all the world’s exotic treats.

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    1. Heeeey Josh!!!! hmmmm but you strike me as a cat person……, wait jaguars of the panthera genus are big wild cats right??? hahahaha ah yes which reminds would you classify domestic cats as carnivorous, ????? questions I need answers to lol
      here’s to good conversation

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      1. Haha yes, jaguars are big wild cats. But they certainly wouldn’t make good pets! A bit too strong: I don’t like pets that can accidentally kill you while playing!

        I might come off as a cat person, but I like dogs a lot too. They can be a lot of fun when trained properly, although they can also be a headache.

        Yes, domestic cats are definitely carnivores. They’ve evolved to eat meat almost exclusively.


  4. Oh, but there’s a fifth option: the smarta$$es who never had a cat but know all about having one. Of course that they know it better than you and everything you say is ignored even if it comes from years of experience in owning a cat! I have a specimen like this in my family and he drives me nuts every time he starts with it… lol

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    1. hahahahaha the and probably knows a lot about everything and anything too, you almost anna tell them how about I give you my password and you can go right ahead and write my blog for me why dontcha

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      1. Exactly! What’s worse is when they don’t like cats, they never had a cat but they keep telling me cats are like this, cats do that, etc etc. And I so wanna tell them how moronic of them is to teach with me about cats when I am the one with 20+ years of experience in cat behaviour but I won’t say it because my momma taught me to be respectful. 😀

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