Of Coffee With Have The King With You

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you stopped by to visit and I would ask if you brought the King with you… “What King?”, You ask and why should anyone have coffee with the King and I?…  Wait, that’s a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical 😂 Anyway its Zimbabwe’s Independence day today, I will be accepting congratulatory messages on our sovereignty!!

Zimbabwe Independence Day 18 April

The electricity is still on… which is surprising, the lights will usually have cut off by the time I wake. Maybe this is a special Independence Day gift from the power utility, its wishful thinking on my part but I do miss the good old days when we would have electricity for 24 hours in a day *sigh* But hey, at least we have sovereignty, right?

Who needs electricity when you have sovereignty?

Zimbabwe @ 43

If you are having coffee with me, I would tell you that Zimbabwe feels like a 43-year-old manchild with a boy in his eyes, who thinks he is forever young, like Peter Pan – all children grow up except one– living off the glory of days gone by, heroic battles long past and never quite looking at the future or the harsh reality of the present, that cant keep the lights on, the bills are piling up and just might lose the family home after squandering their inheritance…

Zimbabwe Daily Cartoon

My playlist of the day includes the song Dzimba Dzemabwe by Winky D featuring Shingi and its haunting line that asks … “Is this the land we fought for, we died for… “

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that Al Jazeera aired its final episode of the Gold Mafia documentary titled Have The King With You on Friday the 14th of April 2023. The investigative series exposes how illicit gold trade in Africa (particularly southern Africa) can be traced back to influential “bosses”, heads of state, ceremonial kings and other high ranking officials.

Two gold mafia bosses are seen to boast about, “There’s no president or head of state either of us can’t get to on this continent.” Another gold trader and money launderer also advises that “When you work you must always have the king with you. The President

Have the king with you. The President. 
Gold Mafia

Speaking of Kings, King Charles III‘s coronation will be held at London’s Westminster Abbey on May 6 2023. Our president was most excited to announce that he had accepted an invitation to the coronation. Zimbabwe and the UK have a special relationship as the president put it and that stems from Zimbabwe being a former British colony…

I’m most excited to announce that I have accepted an invitation to the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.
Yesterday I met with the British Ambassador, Melanie Robinson. We also discussed trade, investment, and the special relationship between Zimbabwe and the UK

Looks like our first family are frequent fliers, just the other week, the First Lady accompanied by her twin sons flew to Minsk where she met with Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko. The trip, raised eyebrows as according to the law and constitution first ladies do not hold official government positions under Zimbabwean law and it’s not clear under what arrangement The First Lady is conducting business on behalf of the State…

ZIm First Lady Meets with Belarus President 📸president.gov.by

It becomes a diplomatic nightmare especially on the backdrop of the Al Jazeera documentary where a principal player in the Gold  Mafia telephoned someone purported to be the first lady of Zimbabwe and the allegations that the first family takes advantage of their diplomatic status to conduct personal side hustles… This all alleged of course and while no official communication has been issued, a lawyer acting on behalf of the Ambabassador At Large issued a statement along the lines of that it was all part of a Classified National Intelligence Operation

 If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that while it would be understandable that the nerves of people are frayed and tempers hang in the balance what might be surprising is the target of the righteous indignation. For example, a peaceful national protest that had been scheduled for independence day by Team Pachedu was called off because of lack of stackholder consensus…

We have been pushing for a peaceful national protest on 18 April in light of the deteriorating socio-economic environment, including the Gold Mafia saga & the unjust continual detention of Job Sikhala.

Regrettably, we are calling it off due to lack of stakeholder consensus.

Instead, the court of public opinion is in session over whether or not addressing the wife of the main opposition leader as the mother of citizens corrupts like absolute power, some saying such talk is what results in first ladies having inflated sense of duty which is what leads them to acting with impunity… Its a conversation with some merit to it but when emotions enter the room it becomes a chaotic conversation, a side show distraction to so what are we going to do about the Gold Mafia?…. just another day in the teapot shaped country.

Wow we still have electricity, colour me surprised😲… Zimbabwe @43… Whats been goin on in your neck of the woods?



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  1. Pssh, who needs electricity or responsible officials when you have SOVEREIGNTY!

    On a more serious note, regarding the failed protest, I imagine that it’s hard to funnel public outrage against any one type of corruption when literally everything seems to be corrupt. I’m guessing that people get “outrage fatigue” after a while, and just give up, because it seems impossible to change anything.


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