Of Hacked!

Fascinating thing about blogging and social media… you find yourself invested in the lives of perfect strangers. People you would otherwise have never said more than a few words to, become a sort of pseudo-family and just like family, when time passes without hearing from them, well, you send a search party….

After going for a bit without seeing the ZESA Diaries, which chronicle the #NoZESA life in Zimbabwe (i.e. electricity blues) as tweeted by Bold Colours who a few years back achieved a certain notoriety for waking up to bake scones at 3AM  (had a chat about that on Coffee With 3AM Scones) and not to mention the periodic reminders that I should finish writing my book… I thought, hey, let me check why so silent?

Imagine my shock to find that they had become a Cryptocurrency Dealer with an anime avatar:

Naturally, I reached out to them to find out when they started dabbling in crypto, forex and digital assets. It turns out their account got hacked and they were locked out.

"I think I liked one tweet on Team Fulo and then I remember being taken to a crypto currency advertisement. I think thats how I got hacked. They quickly accessed my hotmail account and then changed my password. So when I tried to log into my Twitter account, I couldnt get in, I was locked out completely. Tried saying Forgot Password and Twitter asked for my recovery email and couldn't get into that too, they had put in their own email.
Had to report the account as hacked but then Twitter takes ages to act now. Imagine, they had sent me an email saying: Someone changed your password on Twitter is that you?.
By the time I replied, it was already too late, the hacker had accessed my account. That’s a weakness in their system. Maybe those alerts should be sent to one’s phone not email addresses cause who walks around opening emails every now and again?
Otherwise I am doing fine, I was initially traumatised and shocked the whole week. But now I am having more time on my hands to focus on other important things in my life. For 8 years I had diligently sent out my Zesadiaries highlighting the plight of the POVO’s struggles of having nozesa. Not everyone can go solar. What about the poor?

She does not know when she will recover her account, if it all and has not yet decided on creating a new account and all the associated hassle, new email, new phone number and passwords. So maybe this is goodbye.

Oh what a hassle! May never do it who needs to entertain people for free? 8 years was too long. Maybe I should just draw down the curtain and call it au revoir!”

I had permission to share her experience and also to tell others who might be equally concerned as to her “disappearance” from the Twitter streets.


PS Sometimes being hacked is as simple as clicking on a malicious link, stay safe on those digital streets.

Have you ever been hacked? How do you stay safe?



  1. Stay away from porn, stay away from crypto and don’t *&^%$ click on links if you don’t know exactly where it’s going.
    That’s how I stay safe. Plus, I don’t do self-hosted on wordpress and that’s my only social media site. Nothing else is connected to it.

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      1. Yeah, I know. My former boss was the worst. “Amazon” always sent him links to “check on hte progress of his order” and of course, he clicked it every, single time. Eventually I think his wife made her email the primary so he wouldn’t do that 😀

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      2. Sorry had to laught for a little bit…
        …..maybe even a lot more than I would care to admit… 🤣🤣🤣
        Clever wife, happy life or whatever way that saying goes.

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  2. Hama neShamwari: please don’t click on every link you see. I know Sis Brenda “abva zera”, LOL, so at her mature age she might’ve been easily mis-led by the Crypto trolls.

    Lastly: Brenda, if you’re reading this, please come back to Twitter. We miss you.

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  3. I’m 99% sure if it happened to me, I would be done.
    My facebook that I had but didn’t really use got hacked a few years ago. I got upset at first because it was the only way I kept in touch with some people, but in the end – I shrugged it off and quite OK without it.

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  4. Hi B! My Facebook was hacked recently. A friend got a friend request from me (it wasn’t me) YIKES and notified me and also reported it and dang, they changed my password and the cell phone number when I requested I forgot my password, I wasn’t getting the code number in a text. Another friend told me how to recover my password by going to Google and Facebook has a recovery sight which is specifically for my account has been compromised which thankfully worked as they didn’t hack my AOL email account. They sent a new code to use there. I know many people don’t care about Facebook and I know I would survive not being on there but I enjoy sharing my horses with my friends and family. Once I recovered my account I set up 2 factor authentication. Hopefully this will help keep hackers away. I have a love/hate relationship with technology as what a pain in the rear when you get hacked!! 😥😮🙃

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  5. P.S. I hope you are doing well! I’ve been rather absent of late. Family drama/issues have been hard on me but I’m trying to focus on the positives in my life and trying to enjoy each day the best as I can. 💞


  6. Actually I was half asleep when I clicked. Damnit! I am in deep shock. How can hackers do this to me of all people. Evil people. They will never see the gates of Heaven! Idiots, psychos Am still angry.

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  7. Thanks B for looking for me. I indeed we all become like family after all those rantings of mine about electricity woes.
    Was really traumatised by the whole experience of having some one violating my priavate sphere. Right now am out of Harare. I needed to sort out a few family issues and then will travel to Vumba to rest and introspect about whether I should come back to Twitter. Those hackers are brutal, psychos, idiots, lunatics…
    Nozesa was how I felt about the never ending power outages which really impact negatively on our mental health. Meantime. Thanks again for showing me love. I miss you too guys. 😍


  8. Wrote a long comment, decided it was so long that I ought to make it a separate post, created that, linked to your post here (thinking you’d get a pingback)… published it without checking the links (I’m really pushed for time atm), sighed and thought, “I’d better check the links”, checked the links and found that the one I thought I’d included to your post here was empty – D’oh! – corrected the problem, updated the post, thought, “I don’t know if pingbacks are generated on posts updated after they’ve been published”, so came here to comment so you’d know. Stay safe!


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