Of Christmas This Or That

Christmas this or that

Of Christmas This or That

I got tagged in this Christmas Challenge by Crystal and here we are:

Christmas this or that

Christmas This Or That
  1. Christmas Movies or Christmas Music
  2. Pyjamas or Dressing Up
  3. Handmade Gift or Bought Gift
  4. Real Tree or Fake Tree
  5. White Lights or Colourful Lights
  6. Candles or Fairy lights
  7. Hot Chocolate or Mulled Wine
  8. Gingerbread or Christmas Tart

1. Does Die Hard count as a Christmas Movie? My idea of Christmas Movies are those set during Christmas Season but without the plot being entirely Christmas. I have a Christmas playlist which greatly features the Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey and some Boney M— So verdict on that is both but Christmas Music wins by a whisker. 🥳

2. Dressing Up – Growing we got new clothes for Christmas, Christmas was a Sunday Best Dress-up Affair and somewhere deep down the child in me craves that even as I spend the day in PJs.

3. Who cares as long as it’s a gift – it’s the thought that counts. “Brown paper packages tied up with string these are a few of my favourite things.“🎶

4. Deforestation much— I advocate for fake trees, cant be watching a tree die in the living room and then turn it into firewood later.

Cutting a Christmas Tree
A yesteryear Christmas Day

5. Colour!!!!!!

First street Harare Christmas Lights

6. Fairy Lights

7. Alcohol 🥂

8. Gingerbread Man

I wonder if we will have Christmas lights this year…. Considering the electricity situation… Anyway happy holidays.

Your Turn… You can answer in comments or do your own or just share widely




  1. Die hard counts as much as The Thin Man does😁, PJ’s unless at my in-laws but never dressed to the nines, both, fake trees like Mr. Purply, colorful & fairy, coffee, any cookie except Gingerbread 🤢


    1. I am thinking solar powered Christmas Lights which come with their own tiny panel and powerpack which doubles as a powerbank 🤔


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