Of the Toe Story: Lacktoes and Clip Toe Currency

First thing first, Zimbabwe is or might be experiencing an economic meltdown but the full impact of that can only be determined by a professional. However, this post is not specially about the current economic situation but rather about one of the ways which are said to be how people get rich quick.

People tend to assume or joke about how people who suddenly become inexplicably rich will have partaken in some occult practices. Kudya mari kusvika vanhu vati wati wakarombaSpending money until people think you did money rituals.

Fun fact: one of my most Google Searched articles on my site is a satirical piece on how one would launder money spat out by a ritual money snake. *For clarity: I cannot confirm the existence of such practices.

The Toe Story

A myth/rumour or urban legend that has gone viral is a claim about toes. This story or legend alleges that for the price of one toe or more – one suddenly accesses riches or a small fortune ranging from about USD $40 000 depending on the toe or specifically equivalent the price of a Toyota Gd6 … (Second hand I would presume)

I have no idea what those who bought the toes were alleged to do with them although street lore had it that it wasn’t a simple organ trafficking or medical transaction and was likely some sort of ritualistic agreement.

The toe story has been subject to plenty of speculations and the butt of many jokes and memes, like being referred to as Clip Toe Currency. I randomly asked my Twitter audience the price of a Gd-6 and from the responses, the toe story has had quite the influence.

This story has been so… ubiquitous…. That even the government has had to step in and investigate it. The toe business made things look bad for the country, that its citizens are battling so much poverty that they had to resort to selling their toes to make ends meet. We cant have our image being tarnished now can we?

governemnt dismisses toe story

*Anyone advertising or soliciting for toes would be liable to prosecution for trafficking of human body parts as espoused by the Criminal Law and Codification Reform Act Chapter 9:23

Officially there is no toes business in Zimbabwe. It appears to have been an internet joke or hoax gone viral. One dealer at Ximex Mall who had claimed to be an agent for toe buyers in a viral video later turned around and said he had made the utterances and under the influence of alcohol. The Ximex dealer has had to appear in court for being a criminal nuisance.

Ximex dealer in court over toes

While the business of the toes may have spread as a viral joke and even went beyond borders, the popularity and curiosity behind the story shows a morbid fascination with get-rich quick schemes. Dealers at Ximex Mall said they got loads of calls and visitors enquiring about the buying of toes.

What are some of the weirdest things you have heard that people do in the pursuit of fortune and fame?

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