Of Coffee With Sharp Objects

If you were having coffee with me I would be happy to have you visit and ask how the new month looks to you… Cheers to April.

For those who visited the previous weekend, I would be happy to tell you that I found the missing needle. 🥳 It had gotten itself attached/attracted to the speaker’s magnetic pull… I had been listening to music while sewing. Yes, I can sew and knit too… 😇

Once upon a time, I knitted a scarf and a pair of booties that were exhibited at an art show. I hope my primary school teacher runs into my blog and sees how years later I am in appreciation of the skills I was taught. Even though at the time, half the class had tried to be excused from doing knitting and sewing because Boys Didn’t Do that. She insisted there was no such thing and besides that, being able to darn was a useful life skill.

I wonder who knits our president’s now trademark scarf which has seen some folk refer to him as Scarfmore (not me though, I for one would never say that… unless the president says its OK to joke about the scarf he wears come rain come shine) He has joked that he is soft as wool but sometimes it kinda feels like the wool is razor-sharp.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you a random fact about me that I have a fear – wait – let’s call it a healthy respect for razor blades. I secretly admire people who can cut their nails with a razor or sharpen a pencil and even trim eyebrows while making it as easy as ..pie? Also, that phrase gives an unrealistic expectation on the ease of making pie… pie is messy… not easy.. maybe I just don’t know the recipe if you do, please let me know…

Where are we going with the sharp objects? Oh yes, I wanted to tell you about how the aforementioned music speaker that had swallowed the needle was sounding a bit weird, so I opened it up to see if I could identify the problem. I had no idea what I was looking for but I certainly didn’t expect to find pieces of paper, crayons and a Stanley blade… No one knows how this happened… I suspect someone made a small cut with the blade and tossed the things inside…*suspiciously eyes the young nephew who is requesting for new crayons*

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how the police are in the habit of rolling around with sharp objects to throw at motor vehicles that are in violation of traffic laws, mostly of the pirate taxi kind…

Police officer with a spike

You may or may not know that the government banned pirate taxis and we are supposed to use only ZUPCO franchised carriers… Its an elegant solution to the age-old problem of the unruly minibus operators who were a menace (albeit a convenient mode of transport) But practically the ZUPCO buses are not enough to cater for the commuting public … *enters the pirate taxis who bridge the gap* They are usually easy to identify on account of having smashed windscreens and dents incurred from run-ins with the police…


Irony is that at the end of a hard day’s work, purging the road of pirate taxis, even the police suffer from the transport blues, that they spent the day hounding. The conflict of interest boggles the mind, sometimes I wonder if the government is really listening to its people…

Police officer in boot of car

 If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you of how in our neighbouring country, South Africa their treasury resolved to temporarily reduce the tax on fuel by R1.50 per litre for the period between 6 April to 31 May 2022. There’s also a bunch of other measure as part of the fuel price interevention…

Meanwhile for us, the price of everything seems to have gone a bit crazy in the past couple of days and grocery shopping will give you a heart attack… The Zim dollar seems to have lost substantial value on the black market from what it was at on this day a week ago. Sometimes the economy of this teapot shaped country seems to be finely balanced on sharp objects that burst bubbles.

On the upside I managed to fix up the speaker and its working again, I wish if the economy bubble was as easy to repair… What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?



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    1. April Showers… its been raining I think thats a good sign of good things to come ^_^

      Hahaha how do you not slice off your face or your eyes with razors is beyond me… Kudos to your surgical precision.

      Cheers and thanks for visiting

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  1. I hope your little guy wasn’t messing around with that blade. Those things. can quickly remove a painful slice of skin.
    Oh and just so you don’t feel like you’re alone in being trapped by incompetent government make sure you catch my 99 word complaint about what California is trying to do to us in the name of climate change .
    Hope this finds you well and playing with nothing sharper than knitting needles. 😇

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    1. Hi Gary
      had to give the little guy a good talking to on the dangers of sharp objects.. but I also hope it didnt make them more curious as to what happens when you slice things with razors ( I do know at the young age I once got myself into some interesting pickles with razor blades, scissors and matches)


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  2. Hi B! I’m so glad you found the needle and how funny you found that blade in the speaker, strange indeed! Haha!
    Fuel prices are so crazy, and yes, everything is going up, up, up!! I’m hoping things will come down soon, but I know I’m dreaming….. Thanks for the coffee and stay safe out there!! 🤩🤠

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    1. it was quite a relief to find the needle and the incident with the blade was rather shocking… I guess one must remember to make sure sharp objects should be kept out of reach of small hands too.

      thanks for the visit… oh ay plans for the upcoming holiday.


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  3. I’m glad you found the needle and that no one was hurt in the process.
    Hiding things in the speaker… That just made me laugh because it reminded me of some of the weird things I did when I was a kid. Sometimes kids are so ridiculous. Hiding crayon paper in the speaker because what? The trash can was too far away? heheheh
    You must be quite good at knitting and stuff if your booties, which I imagine were not easy to make, were a part of an art exhibit. Maybe you should start an Etsy store or something.


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