Of All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead is a South Korean Zombie Apocalypse released on the 28th  of January 2022, on Netflix. All Of Us Are Dead is the second Korean drama to hit the number 1 spot on Netflix following Squid Games and it’s the fifth most-watched Non-English title with Money Heist parts taking positions 2, 3 and 4.

All Of Us Are Dead

The premise of All Of Us Are Dead is your typical zombie movie, “A high school becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. Trapped students must fight their way out or turn into one of the rabid infected.” –IMDB

All of Us Are Dead

The Good

You could almost guess what it’s about, a survival movie, Zombies, kill or be killed, end of story…. But then remember Korea has a record for going extra with their Zombies, case in point the 2016 Zombie movie Train to Busaninteresting side note a character in the series actually references this movie when they are explaining the situation.

All Of Us Are Dead is practically Train To Busan in school uniform, which makes it a coming of age apocalyptic series with the main characters being high school kids who outside of battling with everyday teen angst, boy-girl relationships, friendships and bullying, now suddenly have to fight for their very survival.

All of us are dead

The show follows several multicharacter leads in different locations all trying to make it through intense scenarios. It can keep you on your toes, especially because with such a large cast, everyone becomes expandable, will anyone be left alive?

I wont lose any more friends All Of Us Are Dead

I love the casting, the teens seem like teens, and not adults acting as teen actors, they awkward, they are funny, they are breath of fresh air and their interactions lull you in, the more to give you a gut reaction when things go awry….

All of us are dead
"In some countries, they are sadder when adults die than when children die. And in others, they are sadder when children die."
'When kids die, you lose hope. When adults die, you lose their wisdom.'
-All Of Us Are Dead

The Bad

All Of Us Are Dead Season 1 has 12 episodes and each episode has a running time of almost one hour, that’s about 12 hours of viewing time. The series suffers from some pacing problems, had it been compacted to about 6-8 episodes might have cut through some of the… unnecessary elements, there’s only so many ways you can show Zombie mayhem before it becomes repetitive.

Train to busan in uniform

The show is a bit unrealistic,… ok fine, Zombies are unrealistic but still hear me out, some characters could have behaved more sensibly and not like angst-ridden teens… oh wait, they are teens so we can expect them to behave illogically and selfishly.

Whether or not something is an independent living organism doesn’t depend on its metabolism, but its will to survive. If it has such a strong will… the instinct to survive surpasses intelligence.
-All Of Us Are Dead

The Ugly

The last episodes are anticlimactic and feel a bit rushed, they seemed to have run out of story, yet still had some underdeveloped subplots. I can almost predict what will happen in the next season, which from the reception it has gotten, I am guessing that it will be renewed for a second season. I hope the scriptwriters just say, we had a good run let’s end on a win…

While I understand that it’s set in a school with no access to weaponry, couldn’t they have been a bit more proactive in preserving their lives? They seemed to understand the idea of zombies enough but didn’t they get the memo on how to kill a zombie…

All of use are dead

Final Thoughts

If you had asked me before watching this, I would have told you that the Zombie trope is dead, but All Of Us Are Dead still manages to put a twist to it and add an emotional element to the mindless undead.

And whatever you do, don’t watch the English dub, watch it with the original audio and English subtitles.

Have you watched All Of Us Are Dead? Is it something you would watch? What are your thoughts on the Zombie Apocalypse?




  1. Oh dear, now I simply MUST watch the show. That’s 2 shows on my to watch list.
    Question though, where do people find the original, English subs version? I checked out the first 2 minutes of the first episode on Netflix and it was the English dub one😶

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This just means you won’t get a dull moment and have something to look forward to🤣
      On Netflix you just tinker around with the dialogue options at the bottom of screen where you turn subtitles on and and off there will be option to change audio language


      Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 people do act so stupid I keep shouting at the people on TV that don’t they watch Zombie movies? There’s basic rules number one don’t get bitten … 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all it “feels” more natural in its original audio, the English voice over sound odd, forced aren’t in sync with the action (and the dubbing process seems to compromise on the background sound and effects… Maybe that was just a flaw with the mastering process as the dubbed version’s sound effects sounded “muffled” compared to the original)

      Lastly the lip movement is
      … disconcerting. Ever watched a movie where there was a delay between sound and picture motion? I have seen productions that are made with voice-overs in mind, they make sure not to do long close-up shots of people’s faces, at least not when they talking… You might not even notice that it’s not the original language of what you ate watching)

      Granted having to read the dialogue does takeaway from having a completely immersive experience but I would say it’s a small price to pay for getting a more “authentic” feel for what’s going on…

      Oh yes, plus, things are bound to get lost in translation like you’ll see how the subtitles will give you a one word response yet you can clearly see that was said was far longer 🤣 now if it were the English Dub, you would hear the one word and yet still watch person still talk with no sound and it’s… weird.

      I watched a few minutes of the English Dub thinking I would be too lazy to follow along based on subtitles, ended up turning on the subtitles and a few minutes later just switched to the original audio and kept the subtitles…. Oh and the bonus of when they call each other you get to see their names like ohhh that’s what they are called 🤣🤣🤣


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      1. Lost in translation..telling ya…the whole mood changes with an overdub. I remember people at work saying that what they loved about squid games was how funny it was.


      2. That absolutely makes sense. I have to say that when a show/movie is well done and the dubbing almost covers their moving lips perfectly, I’m very impressed.


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