Of Wedded Bliss: My Secret Wives

Truth and I are lifelong partners,
wedded bliss
Only yesterday we celebrated our anniversary,
The mistress of veracity and I.
I deny the existence of elusive complexity regarding myself,
Simplicity is my mistress,
in joyful conspiracy with my dear wife, Truth, of course.
Long and loyal in allegiance,
this happy threesome—
Were it not for Faith,
my midnight companion –
Faith is ever the welcoming mistress,
and she has a twin,
equally sweet,
and that is Dreams.
Night owls, what a pair they make.
Keeping me company long into the night,
‘til Hope wakes me up with a morning kiss.
While Truth sleeps in till early birds gone.
Veracity and Hope don’t see eye to eye,
Always asking for the favourite of mine,
For the sake of peace in my castle
I never kiss and tell,
Silence is my closest lover,
unseen and unseeable,
Quite quiet.
Miss Curiosity flirts from across the room,
like an invitation that needs exploration,
Miss Temptation her best friend,
always there in the shadows,
a wallflower,
whispering I dare yous,
vicariously living through Silence.
Perseverance was best man at our wedding
And the of maid of honour was Temperance
-Wedded bliss-
Just yesterday we celebrated our anniversary.

A poem inspired by the title of The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives and lines by Kruppe from The Malazan Book of The Fallen Series.



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