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Dune is a 2021 epic science fiction written and directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Dune 2021 movie poster

The movie is part one of a two-part adaptation of the 1965 epic fantasy Dune written by Frank Herbert. Dune: Part One primarily covers the events from the first half of the first book in The Dune Saga Collection…

The Dune Saga Collection by Frank Herbert
The Dune Saga

This ambitious project is a third attempt at bringing Frank Herbet’s universe to cinematic life, the first being a 1984 adaptation by David Lynch which flopped spectacularly and the second a three-part miniseries Frank Herbert’s Dune which won two Emmy Awards in 2001 for Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a miniseries or movie.

For this iteration of the movie adaptation, the writers took some 21st century liberties into the script and also increased the prominence of female characters. The greenlight to proceed with production of the second part was contractually bound to the success of Dune Part One.

Dune Movie poster

The movie set in the year 10191 follows the story of a family that is tasked with the highly dangerous responsibility of overseeing an inhospitable planet which has a very valuable resource crucial….  

The Good

The film has stunning cinematics… I think watching it on a big screen at the theatre would be a visual odyssey; something as plain as a sand dune comes alive…. Oh, wait it’s the danger that lurks beneath.

Sand worm in Dune
about Dune VF

The storytelling is immersive, but of course, how cannot it not be, the books it is adapted from are hailed as the holy grail of science fiction novels which inspired George Lucas to create the “Star Wars” saga.

Thematically it explores a broad range of topics subtly blended in together, a matriarchal society, colonialists, intergalactic geopolitics, religion and destiny….

The Bad

The movie has a lot going on…. with little explanation, you are immersed into the desert and have to figure out what’s what…. buts it’s to be expected given the world building and societies whose groundwork needs to be put in place…  unless of course you have read the book(s)

*side note you don’t need to have read the books and the production assumed you knew nothing…. and the director is in no rush to set the stage and sometimes gets a bit lost in the detailing of the stage curtains… I mean dragonfly helicopters are fascinating but do we have to see them in every other scene?

Dragon fly helicopter Dune
Dune ornithopters

The Ugly

If you expect to jump feet first into a pool of epic action, look elsewhere… A Michael Bay movie maybe 🤣🤣🤣

With a running time of 2hours and 35 minutes, one can almost be forgiven for falling asleep during some of the slower-paced moments where nothing seems to happen…

 …..but there’s nothing without purpose (except maybe some pointless combat training and what the heck was in that box????? ) and you might find you have to rewind back and see what you missed, otherwise you will keep wondering what the heck is going on…

My advice; you don’t have to watch it in one sitting, take a break if you have to.

If you want to watch this movie simply because the marketing team made much ado about Zendaya starring in it… well… news flash… its a gimmick.

How long is Zendaya in Dune? Out of the 2 hours and 35 minutes you get a whooping total of about seven minutes of mostly just smouldering glances…

Zendaya as Chani in Dune
Zendaya as Chani in Dune

Final Thoughts

Patience is a word I would use to anyone deciding to watch Dune, patience in letting the story unfold and patience in waiting for the sequel…. After the success of Dune: Part One it has been approved for a Part Two…set to be released in October 2023… more than enough time to pick up the first book in the Dune series and find out for yourself what happens next…

Have you watched it or any of its adaptations? Have you read the book, how do they compare?… Watch this space for my comparison post…


If you need me I will be over here reading the Dune Saga Collection…



  1. I read the first couple of books when they were first published. They had a cilt-like following and I don’t do cults so I took a cynical view over both the books and the later movies. I did agree to see one, thought the special effects were amazing, well most of them. But still, everyone around me went gaga over the movie. I didn’t on principle so I stepped out of the way and let the parade pass. It’s probably a good thing the success of this new movie doesn’t depend on me.
    Thanks for the review
    I may watch the movie if it becomes available on Netflix, but coughing up hard cash for a theater viewing? Not likely.


    1. It’s always great to come know reasons to things 🤣🤣
      Well thing can’t be everyone’s cup of tea or coffee even.. This is one of those things you’ll love or hate… Not much in way of middle ground


  2. To be honest, I watched the dune cause of the hot actor and actress (Zendaya in particular). The movie was quite long and slow but I didn’t notice cause I think I was mesmerized by them. haha xD Just can’t wait to see more of Zendaya in the next movie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even if she does appear briefly Zendaya is quite enchanting… Maybe it’s the piecing blue eyes…
      In the next part will definitely be settling seeing more of them if the visions are anything to go by


  3. I’ve seen all three versions now, and am a huge fan of the books, esp. the original. I agree strongly with your thorough and insightful observations, my friend. I’m looking forward to the continuation!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Recently got introduced to the books and am growing into a fan.
      Thanks for popping by Mitch.
      I am glad a continuation is coming up curious to see how it plays out or how much they shift from the original

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  4. I read the first book (Dune) as a teenager. I was impressed, and went on to read the second (Dune Messiah). I was disappointed by that (because the hero had failed in his mission to avoid the future he had foreseen). But then Tim, my best friend, told me that I should read the third book (Children of Dune), and so I did; and the story just got better. The fourth book (God Emperor of Dune) was interesting, but very different. And I read the last two of the original six (Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune) hoping for a revival of the earlier fabulosity*… that, sadly, never arrived. I haven’t bothered with any of novels published since Frank Herbert’s death.

    I saw the Lynch movie adaptation when it first came out, and was thoroughly unimpressed. It was full of itself, and succeeded in entirely missing the point.

    The Sci-Fi Channel three-part miniseries (encompassing the first three books, which, to my mind, are the best parts of the story), despite its low-budget scenery, some peculiar casting choices (and unfortunate changes through the series) and some spots of very substandard acting was, I think, on the whole a superb rendition. One of my favourite scenes of all time from anywhere is the ‘cleansing of the house‘ montage. I have the series on DVD (and I think I need to watch it again).

    Thanks for your thoughts, and the trailer. I may have to go watch ‘part one’, though I’m in two minds; having to wait two years for the finale (assuming it even makes it to the screen) will be frustrating.

    * Wow, thought I’d just made that word up, but it turns out it’s kosher! 🙂

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    1. I wound the frog; went to see this new incarnation this afternoon. My verdict: Bah. It was meh. ‘Part one of two’, and it didn’t get very far at all into the storyline of the first book, which strongly suggests that ‘Part Two’ will only get to the the end of that book. (Maybe they’re hoping it will be so popular they’ll be able to adapt the next book(s) too?) Although definitely well made, and good for someone who doesn’t know the story, for someone who does, the SciFi Channel’s miniseries is much better, IMO.

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      1. Great assessment I suppose they are still seeing how much popularity they can reignite before committing to a larger scope and navigate between an audience who weren’t born when the books came out and those who read first editions while raking in piles of money of course 🤣

        I just might look up miniseries when I am finished reading 🤔 in fact I will, for the culture


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