Of Coffee With Respair

If you were having coffee with me, I would welcome you to my socially distanced corner of the internet

Tell me you remember the hit movie Romeo Must Die featuring Jet Li and Aaliyah? Else I would feel really silly chewing a stick of gum and wearing my cap backwards. This particular scene leaves rent-free in my head, makes me smile a little.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how a smile and laughter can sweep away some of the cobwebs. I am resurrecting a curious word which went to the place that forgotten words that no longer exist in the dictionary go to die: Respair

Respair:  a noun and verb, meaning the return of hope after a period of despair.

According to a 2017 article in the Economic Times the word appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary only once, in 1425 and apparently people decided it was a word they could live without. Perhaps they were so set on their path that despair was a constant state of existence from which there was no return and thus the word disappeared from usage…

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the global pandemic, coupled with everything else the world is facing has put us in a position where the need to rediscover hope is vital to our continued existence.

There was a little bit of rain, a couple of isolated showers but its been mostly a dry week.. Maybe I need to do my laundry or wash my hair, that seems to be a rain ritual. A break from this oppressive heat.. I don’t know if its climate change or climate variation.  

I tried following some of the proceedings at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, but the majority of it felt a lot like posturing to me… I mean how do you get world leaders traveling in 118 private jets gobbling up gallons of jet fuel and who knows how much in CO2 emissions to discuss climate change. I mean they could have aeroplane pooled or something or did a virtual… But lets face it some just wanted an all-expense trip funded by tax payers.

COP26 attendees’ jets parked at Edinburgh Airport. Forbes

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that its reported in media that our president (and other speakers at the conference) addressed a practically empty auditorium; begging the question why didn’t they just make it a virtual conference.

Maybe I missed the speeches but I wanted to hear more from climate change expects than people discussing investments and playing some form of power games where developing countries are bullied into agreeing to stop fossil fuel production while the United States holds out on the deal.

COP26 Pact undermined Financial Times

If you were having coffee with me I would say that in the spirit of respair maybe we can hope that at least important groundwork was laid, we gotta start somewhere. While I am not sure what our President discussed he seems news has it he managed to get some strategic re-eneragement with world leaders and his return was jubilantly celebrated.

We wont go into the wild stories about how people may or may not have been compelled to wait at the airport for the president, or if the trip was much ado about photo-opportunities depending what media reports you read, things can get muddied up.

Meanwhile our government is set to put up a team to monitor Social Media. They government maintains that its not to regulate social media but to constantly monitor what people send and receive since they cannot wish social media away, so the Information Minister announced.

Whats been going on in your neck of the woods?




  1. Its just been scorching hot. I have been sweating and dripping wet with sweat all over my body. My hubby thinks its because am too fat so all my fat is melting in the heat. I just glared at him. 32 deg is just too hot Jeesus! I couldn’t breath and worst of all we had no power so I couldn’t
    use the fan to cool myself. Maybe its global warming, I really don’t know. I agree with you though global leaders could have just done a virtual conference and saved us some money. No need to travel in these days of technology really.

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    1. It’s kinda cool today with a chance of rain.. I really hope it rains, my small garden is in such a sorry state…

      So you know how in winter people make the allusion it’s perfect time to be in a relationship.. Does this mean when it’s times like this, well.. As they say for better or for worse 🤣🤣

      Global aren’t really our friends they just looking out for their own…. But I really hope we fix the planet time is ticking and temperatures are rising


  2. Hi Beaton.
    This makes me want to start a pyramid style blog phenomenon where I post a word-worth-saving and encourage my followers to write a post as any other they might make, but use the word and add a note so.ewhere that this is their contribution to the save a word campaign and to please continue the effort by creating, sharing & encouraging coninuence.
    Bloggers as a group must be the authors of a large percentage of the new words published each day, so I’d bet that a CPR effort like this could save many cool but forgotten gems.

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    1. Hahaha thought you wanted to start a pyramid scheme 🤣🤣 it’s a lucrative business apparently (if you at the top of it)
      But on the real, words-worth-saving would be a good initiative the power bloggers have in shaping some words… A few years back I could not write the world blogosphere without feeling silly and now it is what it is… So saving a word that was already in existence should actually be easy.



  3. West of me, eight people were trampled and suffocated to death at a misorganized Travis Scott concert. The saddest part is, instead of taking an extended break to make sure people got help..Scott stopped the show twice, for a couple of minutes. Pathetic.

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    1. Is it at they say in show biz, the show must go on…
      Travis Scott seems to just attract a certain kind of infamy, and a disregard for fans or maybe part of the rap persona…
      Saw some headlines that they being sued for the fatal concert.


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      1. Yeah man 35 lawsuits and growing every day, at least 300 people were injured three people are still hospitalized in critical condition one of which is a 9 year old boy.


  4. Hi B! Thanks for the coffee and I couldn’t agree more with you that they should have done that summit virtually. 🤦 I learned a new word Respair, as we need to return to hope! Sorry about your heatwave, yuck, and will be praying for cooler weather and rain for you there! We are cool here as we head into our winter season. Stay safe out there!! 🤩

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    1. It’s a quite the cool word 🕺
      It tried to rain last night but kinda fizzled out after a couple of splashes… Met department says to watch out for scattered thunderstorms…

      Ah yes our seasons are opposite lol we in the thick of summer 😂

      Staying hydrated 💧


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