Of Walking In The Rain

Walking in the rain
It rains,
Every drop that falls from
heaven is like an angel’s
showering blessings everywhere they land,
A man with a heart,
a heart from which noble
sentiments spring like sparks
from an anvil,
walks in the rain ,
raindrops glitter and dance on all sides like millions of stars,
stars which shine as brightly as well-cut diamonds held up to the light for appreciation,
with a song in his heart and a spring in his step he walks,
a lady by his side,
Arm in arm they stroll like a pair of doves that can not live asunder day or nite,
the lady leans on his arm
like a queen in a fable of old
she speaks in a low sweet voice,
a voice as low as the sea,
a voice soft and sweet as a
like the whisper of a
child murmuring its happiness
in its sleep,
and said words,
words that made,
a radiant look came over his face,
like a sudden burst of
sunshine on a cloudy day,
a smile flashed over her face,
like sunshine over a flower
And with her shy smile she softly
fills the silence like a speech,
As a child in play scatters the heaps of sand that he has
piled on the seashore,
as enchanting as a litter of young puppies,
yielding to the charm of the moment,
he gazes into her eyes,
eyes as bright as the day looking back at him,
Reflecting each in the other like
stars in a lake,
a satisfied sense of completeness



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