splashes of words on my screen

The temperature suddenly drops,
the wind ceases to blow,
ominously stops,
calm before the storm,
the day darkens as the sun vanishes behind thick clouds,
the sky turns that unique shade of greyish-black that makes you want to dig up your roses and replant them indoors,
for a storm is a-brewing,
an electric blue flash of lightning ,
illuminates in high contrast the skys darkening ,
time appears to stop,
all you hear is your heartbeat,
lubdub lubdub lubdub,
not for long,
the silence comes to an abrupt end,
punctuated by a deafening clap of thunder, that rumbles seemingly for an eternity,
a distinct scent of wet soil blows in with the winds that sprout from nowhere,
pat …,
pat as the first drops fall from the heavens,
pat …
an icy crystal lands on your arm,
as you retreat from door another flash pierces the skys,
the falling drops increase in intensity partly drowning out the resultant thunder clap,
pitter patter goes the rain increasing in momentum,
and you close the door to the afternoon storm,
peering out the window all you see is a white curtain of rain,
if you get any closer to the window your breath fogs it up,
and you back away from the window after another blinding flash of lightning
and the windows rattle in the thunder,
in moments the perfect day turns into perfect storm,
But it never last forever,
slowly the rain drips to trickle,
lightning flash to only a twinkle,
and the thunder just a distant murmur,
the winds die down from howling banshee to just a gentle caress,
large water drops dislodged from tree branches waving the storm goodbye ,
they can be heard as they strike the ground,
and a burst of colour hugs the sky arms stretching from, horizon to horizon,
a rainbow vividly colours the sky in a glorious phenomenom,
a promise that no tempest will last forever,
no storm ceases never
the sun will shine on
as it glints off raindrop-coated world,
bathing the world in a glitering sparkle,
the sky looks bluer,
the greenery looks,
the world just needed a bath,
and you cant help sing to the music
I can see clearly now the rain has gone,..Imagematrix


  1. I knew I was right. Me showing up consistently on your blog comment section affected readers. Since I’ve refrained from commenting different readers have commented.

    I think it’s because,

    1. I write to you as if I know you (even though I don’t) and I suspect it made others feel like they are intruding on a personal engagement.

    2. I kinda had a very specific tone (like now) that probably made your readers think their comment would be out of place.

    Anyway, I’m here (all the way back here) to say. I’ve been thinking about the pace of your blogs. You are the only regular personal blogger in my entire WordPress universe. I have 4 accounts on different themes. None have a blogger who posts as regularly as you do. I have two entomologists who are on a schedule but it is due to factors beyond their control, one is featured on a magazine so pressure! Again, the content is not about their lives but climate, fauna and flora. I digress.

    Yes yes yes I remember you telling me when we met you also have an external evaluator (teasing)… your mother gets concerned when you don’t write. Not that you are doing it for her but I am admitting we’ve discussed this before.

    I was thinking about how your blogs have a few typos and I attributed it to load shedding. But I was not satisfied with my assertion so I have been thinking about it some more.

    Now I have found an external source that make me think I understand how your brain works.

    You are simply a person who writes fast. High output kinda guy. I got the idea from the post below.

    I’m done. Now it’s Your turn to dispute and correct me.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. But also the power thing really has been putting me on the spot, I got actively aware of it during one of my last posts when I was racing against finishing publishing it before my battery ran out and I decided stuff it… will do then finer edits when its already live than having to wait 18 hours till I had power.

      its 11:30pm right now and the power just came back 30 minutes ago catching up on comments on my blog then proofreading an already live post and weeding out the typos then after that draft and schedule a couple of blog posts since I decided it would be “fun” to convince my blogging circles to do a 25 day blog everyday blog challenge…


  2. I was wondering about the silence, even went in search and found two other different renditions of your blog, wondered if you once started a blog forgot the password and started again, then yet again then third time was the charm?

    Interesting observation hadn’t really thought about it ….

    3. The last couple of posts I shared to my “alternative” circles than my regular ones which could also the new different


    1. Accidentally hit the send key
      Anyway after some blogging presentation I did I had an increase in new readers so it’s not just that… But possible some people might feel like intruders though I try to keep comments casual and conversational if you noticed

      You l


      1. Hahaha ok so I guess I am a fast writer and an even faster reader, when I proof read my posts its in the way I meant to write so I miss the typos (though I can pick out all the typos in someone else’s) which seem to appear only after I hit the send button….. I fix them when I spot them post publishingšŸ˜…
        but hey you can’t edit something you havent written yet right????
        First write …. Then edit.


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