splashes of words on my screen

The temperature suddenly drops,
the wind ceases to blow,
ominously stops,
calm before the storm,
the day darkens as the sun vanishes behind thick clouds,
the sky turns that unique shade of greyish-black that makes you want to dig up your roses and replant them indoors,
for a storm is a-brewing,
an electric blue flash of lightning ,
illuminates in high contrast the skys darkening ,
time appears to stop,
all you hear is your heartbeat,
lubdub lubdub lubdub,
not for long,
the silence comes to an abrupt end,
punctuated by a deafening clap of thunder, that rumbles seemingly for an eternity,
a distinct scent of wet soil blows in with the winds that sprout from nowhere,
pat …,
pat as the first drops fall from the heavens,
pat …
an icy crystal lands on your arm,
as you retreat from door another flash pierces the skys,
the falling drops increase in intensity partly drowning out the resultant thunder clap,
pitter patter goes the rain increasing in momentum,
and you close the door to the afternoon storm,
peering out the window all you see is a white curtain of rain,
if you get any closer to the window your breath fogs it up,
and you back away from the window after another blinding flash of lightning
and the windows rattle in the thunder,
in moments the perfect day turns into perfect storm,
But it never last forever,
slowly the rain drips to trickle,
lightning flash to only a twinkle,
and the thunder just a distant murmur,
the winds die down from howling banshee to just a gentle caress,
large water drops dislodged from tree branches waving the storm goodbye ,
they can be heard as they strike the ground,
and a burst of colour hugs the sky arms stretching from, horizon to horizon,
a rainbow vividly colours the sky in a glorious phenomenom,
a promise that no tempest will last forever,
no storm ceases never
the sun will shine on
as it glints off raindrop-coated world,
bathing the world in a glitering sparkle,
the sky looks bluer,
the greenery looks,
the world just needed a bath,
and you cant help sing to the music
I can see clearly now the rain has gone,..Imagematrix


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