Of Unspoken Thoughts

Like wrapping a gift and not giving it away:
Sometimes, we go through life assuming that perhaps our
actions speak louder than words.
we end up
leaving too many things silent ,unsaid
and assumed.
So we gotta take the leap from just “thinking” it to
“saying it”,

tell people how
grateful we are for their friendship,

tell people how much they mean to
how they make you feel,
tell people how nice they look,

how sweet they are,
how beautiful they make life seem,
tell the people who count, how much they count,
There’s no need
to leave words that should be spoken
they are the connection that
holds us together^_^
give the gift


  1. I Love your blog and all that you share! Also, thank you so much for your mentoring too! Blessings my friend. 🤩🐴🤠


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