Of The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is a 2021 DC Superhero movie featuring the Suicide Squad. The movie is a stand-alone sequel meets reboot of the 2016 movie Suicide Squad. Directed by James Gunn who did the Guardians Of The Galaxy and starring a very stellar ensemble which includes  Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Sylvester Stallone, Viola Davis…

The Suicide Squad

The premise of The Suicide Squad, a colourful bunch of criminals with very specific skillsets, skills which should they choose to accept a suicide black-ops covert mission would be critical in saving the world and getting years knocked of their jail terms… And of course, some persuasive tactics which include having bombs implanted into the base of their skulls and any deviation from objectives… …head blows off…

Don’t worry I am not giving you spoilers which you wont see for yourself within the first ten minutes of the movie which seems to inspired by G.R.R. Martin’s Valar Morghulis, All Men Must Die, you even wonder if anyone will survive the suicide mission, ah hence the tactical name Suicide Squad, punctuated with over the top carnage, blood splatters on the screen, eviscerations, decapitations, impalements and explosions, I think they should have named it the 1001 Ways To Die

The Good

Never mind the orgy of violence, this movie does not take its self seriously and the humour is off the chains, you will be surprised to find yourself laughing at some of the sheer scale of absurdity as they don’t pull back the punches literally. It’s a delightful breeze of colour compared to the usual DC movies favoured by Zack Snyder… It shouldn’t but somehow it all just works..

Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie is the heart of the movie and practically has a movie within a movie getting some screen time to showcase that psychotic and oh so deadly side.

The Bad

Should I be worried that I find myself rooting for a motley crew of antiheroes who should be villains and locked away behind bars and hoping they succeed….

Well if you are looking for an understanding of the deep philosophical views on life and everything you are certainly not going to find them in a movie where you get a character who is like some shark-hulk bipedal creation with a taste for human flesh and a vocabulary only marginally better than Groot, someone who controls rats, a glass licking weasel, an Inspector Gadgetesque prop wielder, how about someone who shoots polkadots?…..

…So suspend disbelief

The Ugly

If your sensitivities to Quentin Tarantino type acts of carnage are high, then this movie might offend your sensibilities, this superhero movie is most certainly not a family affair where you can all seat together and eat popcorn and enjoy on an idyllic family night, its rated R and wont let you forget it

And as with movies that tend to stretch past the 2 hour mark, it can get a bit tedious, I mean there’s only so much watching buildings tumble and people being flinged hither and thither before it starts feeling a bit repetitive…

Final Thoughts

The Suicide Squad comes surprisingly as a much-needed sequel-like-reboot nobody asked for, which amidst all its vagaries thrown together and mashed up into goulash and served for your enjoyment “from the horrifyingly beautiful mind of James Gunn,”

Have you watched it? Would you watch it? What are your thoughts


Tinashe with the glasses

PS Interesting info: Flo Crawley is played by Tinashe Kajese-Bolden originally from Zimbabwe… and Viola Davis as Amanda Viola is quite hardcore



  1. I tried watching it. I really did but eeehhhh nnnoo, I was even disappointed that Idris allowed to act in this. Really Idris? You didn’t read the script.

    As for Viola?? Aaahhhh no, this movie doesn’t even make me feel like going back to finish it. It shall just be left there…

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    1. I noticed Idris is also going to be in Sonic The Hedgehog cast as Knuckles, maybe he is just going through a phase ever since he was rumoured to be the next James Bond…


  2. I hated it so much. They should have left it on one. Squad too was too overcrowded and who came up with that Patrick start looking monster? I just hated it so much.

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      1. 1. I am used to a different kind of superheroes. The organized kind with sane minds.
        2. They’re fighting a giant star fish? For crying our oud, a star fish? One shooting baby starfish out of its arm pits? C’mon. And I failed to understand why it’s in FC Barcelona colors (related to the Barcelona badge I saw painted on a wall.)


      2. Ah, I get you, I take it you are also not fan of KickAss or KickAss 2 🤣 an unserious borderline ridiculous sort of superhero parody..

        2. Someone in the comments called the monster Patrick Starfish (from Spongebob) 🤣🤣🤣
        I would say it’s also a point of the movie to be pointlessly ridiculous nothing about it makes a proper logical progression, haha I missed the Barcelona reference…
        Treating this movie as a satirical parody of superhero movie makes it easier to just laugh at its absurdities than to make sense of them….

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