Of Bloodstone: The Curse Of Time Book 1 Review

Bloodstone is the first book in The Curse Of Time series by M.J. Mallon.

First published August 26th 2017 as The Curse of Time (Bloodstone #1) it was republished June 2021 as Bloodstone (The Curse of Time, #1). Bloodstone is a YA fantasy set in Cambridge, UK.

One of the inspirations for this book is the Corpus Christi Chronopage clock in Kings Parade, Cambridge. The rather unsettling sculptural clock has no hands or numerals but shows time through blue Led lights

Courtesy John C Taylor

Stalking the top of the clock is the Chronophage beast, a metal sculpture resembling a grasshopper that moves its mouth as if eating time and blinking occasionally; reminding us of the inevitability of time and the irregularity of life…….

Corpus Christi Chronopage
Corpus –Courtesy John C Taylor

I havent seen this clock nor been anywhere near Cambridge but reading the book ignited an interest as the grasshopper makes an appearance in this magical read by M.J. lending it an added air of intrigue.

The story opens with a mysterious invitation to Amelina Scott a fairly normal fifteen year old but not a stranger to the strange considering, her rather dysfunctional family seems under some sort of curse, her father, aging before his time, Esme, a sister who isnt a sister but might as well as be on account of being permanently imprisoned in the house’s mirrors, and Shadow the sleek black cat with disappearing tendencies,

…and of course theres Ryder the charismatic, beguiling and curious young man with the dangerously mysterious side……

The plot unfolds at first in a series of revelations that seem unconnected as piece together the mystery of the curse, the cottage of the lights and make sense of the Scott family, until all the elements come together as the story unravels in chapters woven together with snippets of tanka poetry.

Bloodstone is fantasy story infused with deep meaning especially for young adults and the growing pains of self discovery and introspection. This might be a book for young adults but as I read I tried to put myself into my younger self wondering if I could have figured out some of the veiled metaphors handled ever so delicately from boy-girl relationships to self harm.

I love a good fantasy book especially one where the fantastical elements are fused to the mundane, that balance point just before you might as well as vanish into a whole new realm.

The book is available on Amazon


A little birdie tells me that the next book in the The Curse Of Stone series is super close if you read the book now you wont have to wait for what feels like ages as it would have felt had you read the book when it was originally published.

Golden Healer – The Curse of Time Book 2



    1. I am still waiting for Patrick Rothfuss to finish up on that other series and he seems to have super quiet about it, like is he even still writing


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