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If you were having coffee with me, I would welcome you to my socially distanced corner of the internet where social distancing protocol is observed as the COVID cases seem to be averaging 1000 new each day meandering towards 2000… But I try not to keep a morbid scorecard, as the stats are becoming names of people I know.

On the upside, the number of vaccinated people has passed the 1 000 000 mark.. and Zimbabwe has one of the leading vaccine rollout programmes in Southern Africa. I still haven’t gotten mine yet but not for lack of trying…

The queues reflect the number of people waking up to the realization that they need all the help they can get to fight this pandemic and of course the whispers on the streets that one won’t be able to travel or access certain public services without a vaccination card. When I last checked a vaccination center close to me, they were only giving the jab to those who were coming in for their second dose..

everyone in the Vaccination queue before the 1700 shall be vaccinated on the same day.

If you were having coffee with me  I would tell you that the government has also tried to implement a system which is supposed to minimize traffic jams by removing police roadblocks during peak hour and ZUPCO buses will be diverted from intercity routes to intracity along with ZUPCO a directive to reduce transport fares after a 100% increment the other week..

Oh and in light of the rising infections, they are now tightening the screws around non-essential intercity travel. Travelling from dormitory cities of Harare which have their own local municipilaties as such Norton and Chitungwiza is going to become a very interesting affair, considering how the majority of people from there usually work or do business in Harare on a daily basis… At this rate looks like we are press conference away from a hard lockdown.

Ban Intercity Travel Zimbabwe

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that my laptop is dying and held together by cable ties and precariously balanced at a jaunty angle otherwise it freezes and takes forever to start-up…

I can barely afford to get it serviced and meanwhile some government minister acquired a Rolls Royce from GVE London, according to this promotional video from GVE London social media..

While they don’t mention the minister in question, some people seem to know who it is and claim that they made their fortunes from the murky underworld of government tenders.. A government secretary of information tried to defend the minister saying it couldn’t have been him as he already owns a similar car …

Hmm well I have known people to own different colours of the same car…

late Zimbabwean businessman car fleet

And how would a government official make enough money to buy such a car and interestingly recently the government failed to account for a large sum of money, while I am not saying it’s connected but…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that there was a bit of “excitement” as news spread like wildfire spread that the recently unveiled statue of Mbuya Nehanda had fallen…

Munhava Beira

Well turns out the photos in question weren’t from Harare but from an incident in Munhava neighbourhood, Beira Mozambique and the Statue of Mbuya Nehanda was quite safe… Moral of that little story, well, fact check before passing information or at least put the necessary disclaimers so as not to pass misinformation as fact.

Mbuya Nehanda still stands back towards Chitungwiza

There has been unrest in the neighbouring country with protest and looting and the army being called in to bring sanity after the arrest of former South African president Zuma sparked unrest… Part of the reason behind the unrest was anger at the system which keeps the poor poor and the wealth controlled by only a small group.

one day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich
Protest placard from the internet

Whats been going on in your neck of the woods?




  1. Hi. People hardly ever fact check before forwarding messages. If everyone did it there would be less confusion in the world.
    Thanks for the blog

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  2. Oh boy, you need a new laptop. So sorry you are struggling with it just to keep it powered on! And lots of funny business going in government!? Maybe? But stuff like that is everywhere unfortunately.
    Have a great week, and thanks for the WP help!! ~ D 😁

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    1. If only the funny business the government did didnt affect our everyday life but well if they buy super expensive cars and the hospitals have no medicines hmmm
      the week is going ok thank you for visiting.


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  3. Thankyou so much for this blog I was always only think about my little problem but when I looked around at your post I found that my problem is nothing. Thanks for making me a bit satisfied person🙏

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    1. thank you for dropping by, yeah the world is a strnage strange place and sometimes a bit of perspective helps us see the important things… I think during lockdown we have had time to see what matters in life
      thank you for visiting

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  4. Hahahhaha I can relate with the laptop.
    My laptop gave me problems until I bought a new one.
    I’m yet to vaccinate and it looks like I’m the only one in my family. I’m a brave coward😆😆.

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    1. Fingers crossed I hope I can replace it soon… also should make sure I get something with a keyboard that lights up for night use, for someone who writes so much, I don’t really know the the keyboard as well as I should

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  5. Hello, it’s going nice in our neck of the woods. Here in Tampa Florida people are worried about Cuba. There are some Cubans you are protesting very heavily against what seems to be because a communist situation in Cuba

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