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Friday evening low key chilling at home bho zvangu and was pleasantly surprised to find that the first two episodes of the series WandaVision had premiered on Disney+ (lets pretend I have a subscription and that’s where I watched it…)


WandaVision Series Disney+

WandaVision is a spin off TV show sequel from the Marvel Comic Universe set sometime after the movie Avengers Endgame. WandaVision stars The Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff  (Elizabeth Olsen) from the Avengers and her partner Vision (

) The two have been love interests but their romance is mostly off-screen and this series explores the domestic side of their relationship albeit in a sitcomesque suburban set with hints at an underlying something….

Wanda and Vision in WandaVision
Wanda and Vision in WandaVision

What you need to know before you watch WandaVision…

Marvel Comic Universe fanatics probably still remember the cataclysmic events of Avengers: End Game but for the more casual movie watcher a bit of a recap might help you enjoy this series.

Note: I don’t think you strictly need to have watched the movies or be a devoted follower of the Marvel universe to watch and enjoy this series but the backstory helps to fully appreciate WandaVision.

Fair Warning: The next part has spoilers from the Avengers and Marvel movies but lets face it if its 2021 and you still haven’t watched them, I doubt you will and you probably know all about Thanos and his diabolical plan to save the world.

Wanda and Vision

Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch gains abilities which include telepathy, telekinesis and energy manipulation after being experimented on by Hydra (a really bad organisation) Initially she fights against the Avengers blaming Tony Stark for the death of their family but they realise they are being played by Hydra and switch sides to fight alongside the heroes and later joins Team Avengers.

Vision is a sentient synthetic being with a body made of vibranium, has superhuman strength, can fly/levitate, phase through objects and alter his appearance.  Initially Vision was created to host the consciousness of Ultron but the Avengers stole the body instead and activated it using a Mind Stone (one of the Infinity Stones) and Tony Stark uploaded his A.I. assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. into Vision, for a more grounded connection to humanity.

Wanda and Vision evolved from simply being teammates to something more substantial as Vision tried to understand human emotion while helping Wanda come to terms with her abilities and a romance blossomed.

Shakespeare made the tragic love story trope of starcrossed lovers fashionable, Vision tries to sacrifice himself to prevent Thanos from getting the Mind Stone and later Wanda has to destroy the Mind Stone essentially killing Vision to save the world. Thanos goes back in time and gets the stone destroying Vision again and then uses the Infinity Stone to *Thanos snap* away half the population of the universe (including Wanda)

The Avengers eventually manage to bring back everyone who had disappeared and defeat Thanos unfortunately Vision does not return and one of the last scenes of Avengers Endgame is Wanda in mourning.

Whats going on in WandaVision?

If Vision died then when what is he doing in a spinoff sequel… that is the question. Even Marvel is playing coy in explaining what is going on, but the trailers suggest nothing is at it seems…no kidding, the first two episodes look and sound like a 50s/60s sitcom complete with an audience track and over the top comedy lines.

You will have to watch and see how they unravel this mystery… I have my theories.

Final Thoughts on WandaVision

I think its hilarious and intriguing, its fun connecting up the dots trying to figure out what’s going. Its also riddled with Easter Eggs from the MCU and is laden with pop culture references guaranteed to definitely keep conversation around this series buzzing from how its reminiscent of I love Lucy and Bewitched to the nod at the transition from black and white television to colour television and wait was that an oblique reference to the Salem Witch Trials…. Nobody knows.

I definitely love the range Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda and Paul Bettany as Vision are showing in this series. Vision normally strikes me as a bit of square but in WandaVision they are showing how they can be as round as they come.

I prefer to binge watch my TV shows but look at me now (im)patiently waiting till next Friday for the next episode to drop.

Have you watched this series yet?




    1. The episodes are just about 30 minutes long so wont take much time to get through and yep if you like comedy and humour then I would give it a thumbs up, my cousin called it silly but keeps asking me if I have new episodes yet hahaha

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  1. This does sound like a good series! I’ve watched just about all the Avenger movies or most of them. I think I’m missing I’ve it two. The setting for WandaVision sounds interesting too… I’ll have to put it on my list to watch! 🤠


    1. hahahaha then I definitely recommend adding it to a watchlist something tells me you would find it hilarious based on some of the things I know you have watched. Running time is like 30 minutes an episode so yeah you cn squeeze it between during knitting time… which reminds me… did you manage to finish all the fingerless gloves for the holidays

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I managed to make 6 pairs of gloves which 5 I gave away and I kept one which isn’t too bad. They would be easy to mail, so I may make more to mail to my sisters. Hmm.. I could mail them as birthday gifts too. Now I’m really curious to watch this Wanda Vision! Lol 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hydra(a really bad organisation)
    😂😂😂😂😂that did it for me

    Waiting to watch it😊can’t wait, can’t wait.

    Got my questions on how Vision is in the series too. Maybe it’s set before Endgame🤔


    1. hahahaha why are you skeptical and I’ll see if I can confirm or deny the basis… I’m leaning for just watch it… I mean it will only have about 9 episodes at about 30minutes each if you watch you would already have seen more than half ha!
      quick question where you a fan of the avengers and marvel movies or ….


      1. Yes, I’m a huge fan and I think that’s why I was a bit worried. I wondered if they’d be able to pull off a sitcom but remain ‘Marvel’.

        Oh, the 5 episodes is to appease my binging habits 😅

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  3. I’ve watched all the avengers movies and for this series I had to revisit most of them. I love WandaVision!! Lots of easter eggs and lots of theories going about. I really hope this is a subplot to House of M(just a theory) but I’d love to see how X-men will fit into the MCU

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely a lot of fan theories and speculations flying
      I am curious to see where they are going with this and even if it doesn’t go anywhere and turns out to only be someobne’s dream or delusion I’d still love it


    1. It takes a bit of getting used and from the 3rd episode it starts really drawing you in.

      With the avi you have I would be super surprised if you didn’t like wandavision🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Nope – I don’t do Disney’s subscription service, but I was curios and was pleased to see that “oh look! Beaton has me covered.” You just gave me everything I cared to know. I’m not sure Disney is going to do Marvel any favors. Just yo wait. A small dancing snowman who exists only to hook our younger family members on the show is coming to a Disney enhanced Wanda Vision story line soon. Thanks for helping me dodge this bullet.


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