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The best service for the year

2020 has been a year of adaptation and when I was asked to share lessons on what the year has taught me for Enthuse Mag my lesson was that:

There is no normal

For those who put their lives on hold waiting for a return to normalcy, looks like they might have to wait for an indefinite amount of time. Some of whom won’t survive as evidenced by the ventures that have gone out of business permanently, due to Covid lockdown restrictions.

2020 pushed the fast forward button on e-commerce and digital solutions that coupled digital market platforms with a home delivery service experienced a boom in business.

After lockdown was first announced I went on a last minute shopping for supplies and one thing I failed to get was a refill of my LP gas tank, the queues were crazy and most suppliers seemed to have run out as people stockpiled for lockdown as no one had any idea how life would go on after the lockdown restrictions.

I searched on the internet for a service that would do home delivery of LP gas.

This is how I found Flexy Fuels

Flexy Fuels car

Flexy Fuels has free delivery for LP Gas, vehicle fuel (handy should you run out of fuel) and even have a battery delivery service.

Flexy Fuel delivery

They run an efficient affordable service at competitive prices that even after the lockdown restrictions eased I kept using them for my gas deliveries than having to carry around the gas tanks looking for somewhere to get a refill when I can get it done in the comfort of my own home.

Gas tank filled at your home Flexy Gas

Gas Home delivery service Flexy Gas

One can place an order with Flexy Fuels via WhatsApp 0772868450 or their Flexy Fuel app on Playstore or website FlexyFuel.co.zw

They also have other interesting projects brewing such as installing home biogas digesters for cooking and lighting which is something worth looking into.

What cool service have you discovered this year plug them in the comments maybe they are what I have been looking for…




  1. Gas stockouts are not common in Uganda but in Kenya, it’s crazy and there are delivery options like you have in Zimbabwe. The pain can be crazy

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    1. Especially when you add this up with electricity outages gas becomes very important
      I have noticed a few more companies are adding delivery options to what they supply it’s the new normal 🤣

      Even my bank has a dial-a-visa option to attract new people who want to open a bank account with a visa card, a bank agent will come to your home… Masked sanitized and socially distanced so no need to go to bank to apply if our country did not have cash shortages I bet they would have even done a cash delivery service for those times you are stranded and need cash at home but can’t go to bank 🤣🤣🤣


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      1. This morning I got a flyer for gas delivery, it’s rolling out in the new year. For banks, they will do anything to get your money


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