Of Coffee With Kangaroo Conclusions

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you visited and wish you compliments of the festive season. How are the holiday plans coming along… I am pretty much just winging it although I have this crazy idea to dress up as a Rasta Santa if I can help it, I mean I already have the beard for it right?

Rasta Beaton

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I have had kangaroos on my mind, Australia has some of the weirdest creatures in the world.. and kangaroos just leave me wondering what was going when they were created. They can be vicious and violent and boy can they kick…also that tail.

Red kangaroo kicking

And oh, they jump or leap, its part of how the name Kangaroo Courts came to being when the course of justice seems to just hastily jump to predetermined conclusions or it could also be in relation to the kangaroo’s pouch signifying how the court is in someone’s pocket resulting in some judicially unsound rulings..

kangaroo court

Speaking of questionable rulings did you hear about the Paris Mayor who was fined for hiring more women than men and the fine would be used to get more women into public office… wait what?

mayor of Paris fined for hiring too many women breaking gender equality rule
Source @AJplus

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I am not saying that the justice system in my country is a Kangaroo Court because next thing you know I would probably be hauled before the very same courts on some contempt of court charges or trying to bring disrepute to the judiciary… But a quick peek at some of the happenings makes it seem like the law is applied selectively.

A minister involved in 60 million dollar corruption scandal never spends a day in jail while the journalist who exposes the scandal serves a whole lot of time in pre-trial detention. Someone who protests against corruption and alleged state-sponsored abduction is likely to end up arrested, with the issues never investigated.

The Mayor of Harare who was out on bail the other week arrested again a week ago on charges of allegedly trying to bribe a chief witness $1500 to give a favourable testimony. With the Mayor belonging to the opposition party, members of his party see the arrest as a persecution of the opposition-run City Council and an attempt to replace them with a government-appointed Commission.

Mafume to spend Christmas in Jail

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that in a bizarre turn of events that has put spotlight on the justice delivery system, a notorious armed robber who has been on the run for 20 years and was caught after a police shoot out in August, was almost granted bail, yes sure everyone has a right to independence and bail but when a career criminal who is an obvious flight risk gets an easy bail…

The Public Prosecutor on the case went into hiding but has since been arrested and is assisting police with investigations… While attention has been on high profile political cases, suspected criminals have apparently been appealing to High Court and getting bail uncontested…

Sure innocent till proven guilty and all that but if I were to walk in the street holding a placard that says #NoToCorruption the law would treat me more harshly than a career criminal on the police’s most-wanted list.

Someone stole our outside water tap and I didnt even report it to the police because a part of me knows how futile it is. I wish I had faith in the system.

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask if you remember the statue for Mbuya Nehanda that was commissioned… read Coffee With Mbuya Nehanda to catch up. Well, it turns out the president has decided, he didn’t like it and it should be redone. Apparently, he was not pleased with artist’s approximation and wants something closer to how history remembers the late heroine, less youth and more wrinkles.

And guess what, the president launched a National Dress Fabric at a colourful function at the State House which is supposed to and I quote: to play an important role in the preservation of national values and cultural heritage and helps create unity among our people.

Its reported that the First Lady embarked on comprehensive consultations with different stakeholders and ethnic groups from all the country’s 10 provinces. Apparently the government will set aside days when people would wear the fabric.

Oh I cant wait to not wear this, with its national symbols such as the Zimbabwe Bird, the National Flag and the Chevron pattern I feel the spirit of unity and connected to my roots, and I cant wait for them to decree it a law that if you don’t wear this in public you will pay a fine cause that’s only way some people would wear it…. Oh no maybe I am giving them ideas.

Maybe it will grow on us, this national fabric dress and someone somewhere is going to make a pile of money supplying the fabric, lets sip our coffee and keep it moving…

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if Christmas has been cancelled yet? Here, not in so many words but no parties this Christmas as police will be out to enforce Covid regulations.

What’s going on your neck of the woods seen any kangaroos?




  1. No kangaroos, but rabbit tracks across the front sidewalk. Tracks in the newly fallen snow. Canceled were Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday celebrations, and New Year’s Eve gatherings, and most likely Easter with the relatives, too. This has turned out to be a very comfortable, leisurely holiday season. I hope all is well with you and yours!

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    1. Rabbit tracks in the snow would love to see those!!!

      Hadn’t thought it would reach as far as Easter but with this talk about a new strain of Covid, who knows what it might mean and how it reacts to vaccines and such
      Scary time to be alive, but for some us who need a holiday after the holiday season kinda happy about not having to have those large family gatherings 🤣
      Thanks for visiting and compliments of the season

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  2. No kangaroos, just 0.0 breathalyzer readings (or risk being arrested. Wonder what happens when you take medication like broncol with a bit of alcohol. But what do I know, let’s sip and move on.) and new COVID-19 variants.

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    1. One probably shouldn’t drink too many doses of medication which contains alcohol..😎 or at least one can carry it as evidence like see it’s the medication 🤔🤔 there is a plan.
      And just when you think 2020 is over boom… A COVID-19 variant…. What kind of happening is this?



    1. 🤣🤣🤣well, I was going for the Captain Jack Sparrow look in that picture. Great eye.

      The Pirate Who Stole Christmas? 🤔 that would make an interesting story….
      *saves to drafts*

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  3. I love the colours in your culture, they’re so vibrant. Christmas is kind of cancelled here but it’s not a biggie for me, some people on their own will struggle more. As for justice… in any country it always seems messed up, it just to what degree. Have a good Christmas my friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Simon
      I’m always impressed by how we live life just a few bad rulings away from anarchy and chaos.
      Looks like Christmas will be a family affair much like this whole year has been
      Thanks for visiting and have a merry Christmas

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      1. Thanks I hope you had a good Christmas too.
        It’s funny I hadn’t thought about life like that, but it’s very true. The fabric of society is very flimsy and handled by those that should be more gentle.


  4. Oh wow, a national fabric, now all of your problems are solved! That little bit of extra unity – and a boatload of money for someone with friends in high places – will fix everything! On a more serious note, I have not seen any kangaroos lately. I’d love to though, because that would mean I’m in Australia, and visiting Australia would be awesome.

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      1. It does seem like a national uniform…one that someone’s going to make lots of money off of!

        If I ever become filthy rich I’ll pay for us to both visit Australia 😀


  5. Rasta Santa would be on fayah!! (See it rhymes😂) Christmas is cancelled for the whole family with aunts and uncles, and we plan to celebrate just within our houses. No kangaroos too just dogs. Thanks for sharing this, B. xx

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    1. Rasta got soul 🤣

      Yeah looks like Christmas will be a small affair this year
      I’m thinking should have pasta as a rasta santa 🤣
      Thanks for visiting

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