Of The Education Amendment Act of 2020

A news story that is Best Of The Year for 2020 was from when the government announced that it was adopting the Education Amendment Act 2020, to align its Education Act with the country’s Constitution.

Education Amendment Act 2020

The Education Act was amended after consultations with various stakeholders to come up with extensive provisions to protect, respect and fulfil the right to education for all children.

New sections were added to the Education Act such as on Pupil Discipline

68A Pupil discipline

1) The responsible authority of every school shall draw up a disciplinary policy for the school in accordance with standards set out in regulations prescribed by the Minister for the purpose.
(2) The regulations and any disciplinary policy shall—
(a) not permit any treatment which—
(i) does not respect the human dignity of a pupil; or
(ii) amounts to physical or psychological torture, or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;
(b) prescribe the manner in which any punishment may be administered.
(3) Disciplinary measures must be moderate, reasonable and proportionate in the light of the conduct, age, sex, health and circumstances of the pupil concerned and the best interests of the child shall be paramount.
(4) No pupil may be suspended from school without first being granted a reasonable opportunity, with the support of his or her parents, to make representations with respect to the proposed suspension.
(5) Under no circumstance is a teacher allowed to beat a child

The last part outlaws corporal punishment/canning in schools (at least by teachers) and young me was wishing they had adopted these changes 20 years ago when I was in high school because the way some teachers used wield beatings as a disciplinary tool and a learning aid,

corporal punishment in school
Marco Tibasima Cartoon

late for class = beating, noise in class = beating, failing question = beating, failing exam = beating, complaining about beatings = more beatings you get the picture

I remember once upon a time, all the first form boys wrote a petitions to the police about a particular teacher and put it in the police suggestion. There was great jubilation when the police came and took the teacher away, but the joy was short-lived as the teacher was back in time for dinner to announce that “So you think you are clever… I’m back” What followed was a rather painful week.

A notable amendement was the addition of a provision on expulsion

68C Non exclusion of pupils from school

(1) No pupil shall be excluded from school for non-payment of school fees or on the basis of pregnancy

Prior to this amendment when a student fell pregnant they would likely get expelled from school or drop out sometimes never to resume their studies which is one of the reasons attributed to the gender disparity while their co-parent sometimes able to carry on seemingly unaffected.

Pregnant Schoolgirls expelled from school
Marco Tibasima cartoon

A 2019 report by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education noted more females learners dropped out of school as a result of pregnancy or early marriages.

And 2020 after over a 6-month hiatus from school shocking reports indicate over hundreds of school girls have fallen pregnant and there’s the unfortunate cases of two Bulawayo girls who committed suicide after failing to cope with their teen pregnancies.

The government has set up a budget for the provision of psycho-social support for pupils who fall pregnant so they are able to resume their studies and thus ensure no woman gets left behind.

The bill also makes provision for compulsory state funded basic education although its application is subject to resources being available… but no child can be expelled for non-payment of fees.

The amendments are commendable, you can download the Education Amendment Act here

What positive news stories stood out for you this year?



  1. That’s a great positive news story and hope it helps with education and it’s policies. And helps all those young people needing help and guidance!

    My positive news story is we have gotten through the U.S. House of Representatives in September of this year, the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Act which is to reform and put the safety of the horses and it’s Jockey’s at the center of attention. Many young thoroughbreds have died in the last few years, the number going up tremendously as drugs and the use of whips have been a big cause….

    The public has lost faith in the well being of the race horse industry here in the states so the Federal government has stepped in to help this sport. I hope this will lead to a better future for the young thoroughbreds out there getting ready to win those races!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whipping must end!!! Having been on the receiving end of a teacher’s whip which even had a name Armstrong, I used to wish for the teacher to die each year and term, he didn’t though, and like he could read our collective minds, he would loudly declare I know you want me to die but once the year starts, Armstrong and I will be here …waiting for you.
    I was shocked to learn of his death a few years back, he died on the 31st of December, hmmm so he must have known something….. how weird is that.

    And speaking of doping and whipping horses, some years ago I read a book by Dick Francis (you must lookup his books if you havent as he wrote crime thrillers set in the horse racing and breeding world) In the book For Kicks a dodgy stable will be using interestingly dubious yet ruthless strategy to condition the horses to win races… and while officials cant find any drugs and doping they know something fishy/ horsey is going on hahaha


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh B, I’m so sorry for you and others whipped with Armstrong! Yikes! I have led such a sheltered life. I pray it’s the end to such things today! 🙏

      And I’ll have to read Dick Francis books, I didn’t know he focused his crime thrillers on racetracks. Very interesting! Take care my friend! ❤️


  3. Wow, that is a great step in the right direction. I hope implementation of the bill will be smooth cause there are some people out there resistant to change.


    1. It starts off as a well meaning way to safeguard and provide for the right to education And then with each new amendment the government realises how easy it is to rule by decree….

      Can they make bad laws? Or it’s laws in bad faith…

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  4. Good old times… Teachers used to whip students, slam their fingers with wooden rulers, throw chalk at pupils, have them neal on dry peas, etc. Was it fun? Not at all. But when I look at the current students, the way they treat the teachers, and how teachers get no respect, I wonder if maybe some of these methods were necessary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The disrespect teachers get these days… It used to be such a noble profession minus a few bad teachers
      And the way students are going out of control especially after over six months of no school including time when students had no teachers cause they were striking I think the beginning of the new term would really need some strict enforcement otherwise it’s going to be a circus …
      Throw in how one of the most scandalous crimes one could commit at school was to fall pregnant and now pregnant girls to remain in school yet they still refuse to teach safe sex education in schools and the outrage that followed when someone suggested that they make contraceptives available to school kids saying it would encourage promiscuity… When news flash… They already doing it
      Will they be able to control these kids gone wild.

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