Of My Best TV Series For 2020

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Best TV Series Of 2020

I wouldn’t call myself a TV series aficionado but I do love a good series though I hate how they take over my life and I cant do anything as I binge watch. Can you imagine I used to wake up in the mosquito quiet time to catch a new episode of Game Of Thrones because 9pm on HBO was 4am this side of side of the world.

 Strangely though in 2020 I haven’t  watched many in the way of TV series, unless you count hours and hours watching Peppa pig with the nephew and hoping for lockdown to end and kindergarten to reopen because endless repeats of Peppa Pig on eToons channel have you wondering:

What cant Miss Rabbit do? She runs a rescue service, is a fire fighter, nurse, flies a helicopter, drives the school bus, drives a train, works in a library, runs a shop checkout, cleans aquariums, sells in moon shop.

And how Peppa Pig can be quite cheeky too, like when her friend Suzie Sheep could whistle and she couldn’t so she hung up.

Finally, what kind of job does Daddy Pig do?  I know he is Champion Muddy Puddle Jumper with interesting philosophy on being Champion Muddy Puddle Jumper

To be a Champion Puddle Jumper
You need to be one with the puddle,
You have to think like the puddle,
You have to become the puddle

Ok, back to the  adult world  I watched a series called The Witcher a fantasyesque for those into fantastic monsters and hunters who kill monsters, also destiny, can you escape it?  I hadn’t even realized superman was in it.. or rather the actor who plays superman, I kept wondering why he looked familiar.

Will 'The Witcher' on Netflix Have a Season 2, News, Plot, Cast

The Witcher is a 2019 series and Season 1 has 8 epsiodes and it was renewed for a second season which should be coming out 2021 (but with covid…) I also discovered it was based on a book series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and of course am thinking of adding it to my pile of to be read…


Upload is a 2020 Amazon prime series. I found its premise intriguing about a world with a digital after-life; although it felt like an extended cousin of the Black Mirror series… Naturally I wrote a review about that series when I watched it.

Upload series

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen's Gambit (TV Mini-Series 2020) - IMDb

I haven’t watched this one yet but it keeps popping up and people whose opinions I value have given it thumbs up, so it’s the next thing on my watch list

Quick question: do I need to re-acquaint  myself with the rules of chess before I watch this series?

What have you been watching this year?




  1. Yassss it finally came, I relate with Peppa pig my niece loves it and gosh I really don’t like the snort voice when they speak 😂😂😂

    Series have watched…

    Magnum PI
    Grand Hotel

    Etc 😍

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    1. Is Magnum PI any good? I remember the old one from the 90s but when they remake those things they tend to lose their “thing” like they did with Macgyver, Knight Rider and The A Team…


      PS omg that snort irritates me please and I hate people who snort like that trying to be a pig and just hurts my ears 🤧😵


      1. My one-year-old loves Peppa and I can honestly say I am tayad but what can we do? I can even sing that song in my sleep.
        Do you know what really hurts ears? That Baby Shark song, but it works when nothing else works so play it we will!

        The only remake I was able to watch was Hawaii Five-O as for the others I only watch the old ones.


  2. Heh! I struggle with TV series I’ve never really watched anything trendy like GOT, Power, I’m more of a comedy, one off episodes, detectives kinda series and I can’t remember whether I’ve watched any this year – well apart from Family guy, Rick and Morty…

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  3. The Witcher and The Queen’s Gambit are both soooo good!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Part of my top for sure

    Also, you don’t need to re-acquaint yourself with the rules of chess. But you may want a chess board after you watch it. That’s if you don’t have one already 😂


  4. I’ve been disappointed with series this year. Now, due to COVID-19, many have been postponed, and new ones aren’t being produced.
    I’ve seen The Whitcher last year, but, unlike everyone else, I wasn’t really impressed.

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    1. I think that’s probably why didn’t watch much of anything… And most of those which were released this year were mostly a pop sort of thing for people to watch during lock down… Pretty sure streaming services made a pile of money this year and got away with just throwing together Anyhoo and it would be watched by someone somewhere

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  5. haven’t watched any current tv, so watching the original star trek from the 60’s, Frasier from the 90’s and playing catch-up with the Canadian Period Cop Dramedy Murdoch Mysteries

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    1. Fraiser was running on some rewind channel which brings back 90s TV but absolutely skipped it 🤣🤣

      How’s the graphics from the 60s before we lost our creative liberties to CGI


  6. For Queens gambit, you actually don’t need the rules. You just need your coffee – that’s all.

    For me, spaceship(very funny a series), sex education (interesting but wouldn’t recommend it for someone that ain’t open minded), Unbelievable (I loved this one)
    ….at cetera

    Should I expect a blog on documentaries? Because I have a long list of those ones😃

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    1. Haha that settles I have a date with Queen’s Gambit this weekend

      Would you believe that I don’t do documentaries, I also don’t watch reality TV shows 🤣🤣

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  7. Upload sounds a lot like this movie I watched called Archive.
    The Witcher was real good. Although I didn’t like being left hanging like that.
    I watched the first ep of the queen’s gambit and decided to download the whole series so I could binge-watch guess what, it wasn’t in English so ….its on hold for now lol

    Ps. also here for the comments as always

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    1. Haha I won’t even ask where you downloaded it from… But I think the peer pressure to watch Queen’s Gambit is On!!


  8. My son loves Peppa Pig , he’s only 1 year 8 months but when it starts he will be snorting along with the opening theme track. I keep thinking he is going to grow up thinking snorting everywhere and all the time is socially acceptable.


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