Of LIPPA: Lost In Paradise Anthology


LIPPA Valentine Tusai

LIPPA is Lost In Paradise Poetry Anthology a collection of poems by Valentine Tusai.

Valentine Tusai is a Zimbabwean poet and founder of Poetritis Nirvana (a group of writers and poets with episodic online hosted meet-ups) ByoBlogger (Twitter platform for Bulawayo Bloggers) @CurateByo (Twitter account curated by a weekly Bulawayo tweep) and commonly known as Saint Valz

Lost In Paradise Poetry Anthology 
LIPPA by Valentine Tusai

Lost In Paradise Poetry Anthology is a compilation of poetry that sets one adrift an ocean of beauty even in the midst awkward, unfortunate, and unusual currents.

Published by Grammar House South Africa and illustrated by George Masarira LIPPA has 44 poems in its 77 pages with themes tangent to the title of being Lost In Paradise

Lippa Valentine Tusai

The titular poem Lost In Paradise sets the tone for the poems that follow, the yearning, the love and loss, the sunshine and the ink in our souls…

Won’t you deliver me, for I am lost in paradise?
And tell me that I will be homeless no more.

Lost In Paradise is being adrift the course of love which never did run smooth, the searching, losing, finding and confessions.

One of the poems, Rescue me from Church is a humorous yet bittersweet ballad about a lady and her entanglement with a church boy.

Who said an academy where sinners find healing is the best place to find a relationship?

Sue and Ruetel contribute to two collaborations in the anthology, The Kind of Guy and Type of Guy which are about, well… one is that guy you are warned to stay away from and the other is the guy who doesn’t exist.

If a book is as personal as the thoughts of the author.
How selfless is an anthology of attuned poets?

LIPPA also pays tribute to two poets whose sun has set Nyanduri Lala and Rae Lyric. I am honoured to have attended Rae Lyric’s last public performance and the dedications pay homage to her as a poet and friend…

Final thoughts on LIPPA

LIPPA is great company for rainy days and I finished reading it before the power in my laptop ran out; on a rainy day with no electricity and just a cup of coffee for company.

reading a book on laptop before the battery runs out

Its witty, vulnerable and fun and embodies every artist’s need to capture the emotion in the world around them, Lippa is to be lost in poetry

Feelings are universal, poetry is the ink tattooed on my soul.
Poetical TattoosLIPPA

The book is available on Amazon:

You can contact the Author: Valentine Tusai Twitter: @SaintValz  Instagram: SaintValz                                         




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